Tip 1: How to call a doctor to the house payment

compulsory medical assistance policy OMC helps to get a list of certain services.Call the patient on working days and at certain times in the house leaves physician or pediatrician.If you need medical assistance at other times, or call a specialist at home, you can go to a private clinic where services are paid at any time of the day or night.
wealthy patients can afford to call a doctor in any specialty home at any time convenient to them.At home, you can get not only paid consultation and basic recommendations for treatment, but if necessary to hold a series of laboratory tests to make an electrocardiogram.The doctor may put a dropper, to take responsibility for the management of the patient until they are cured.
cost of paid medical services in different hospitals about the same.Most often, leaving the physician is paid taking into account the distance from the central regional highways.
Experts paid clinics are highly qualified, licensed and certified for the provi
sion of medical services, can solve the problem of hospitalization, write out a certificate is exempt from classes in schools, sick leave.
Also, call the doctor can charge not only from private health clinics.All clinics have both free medical services on the basis of the existing policy of compulsory insurance and paid.For example, a narrow specialist is not obliged to leave the patient on a call, if there is only MHI policy, the call will come a general practitioner.If the patient is willing to pay, from the clinic can leave the doctor of any specialty, and provide services which may have at home.
Unfortunately, call a specialist from the hospital even payment is possible only in the working days and hours, while private hospitals provide medical services at any time.
to call a doctor in the house free of charge, just call the phone number of any private clinic, called home address and explain what you need to send a specialist.If the patient can not determine what the doctor he needs, coming general practitioner will examine the patient and recommend this warping of a specialist.

Tip 2: How to call a doctor

If you are sick and can not attend the clinic, you can call a doctor in the house.The local therapist goes to the only call on the working days of the week.Narrow same experts on call can not go.They can call home only private clinic.In order for you to have quality medical care at any day of the week, you need to know how, when and who you can call.
How to call a doctor
local doctors from the clinic, you can call at any impairments.

When hot or cold.

increased or decreased blood pressure.

With a sharp aggravation of chronic diseases

With a cold.

When the red stains of unknown origin.

With flu.

general weakness.

For mild injuries.

With all the symptoms and diseases that do not require emergency medical care.In order to call a doctor to call in a district clinic.Aptly named: last name, first name, year and month of birth, home address, the symptoms of the disease.The local doctor will come to you during the day.If you do not know the phone number of a district clinic, call an ambulance call 03. Responding to the call, they will cause the district doctor in your area.
in case of emergency, immediately call a doctor and call the 03 ambulance.When you call, clearly the cause of call, home address, date of birth.Relatives have to go out to meet the emergency doctor.An ambulance should be called under the following conditions:

acute respiratory failure.

pressure shocks.

sudden loss of consciousness.



seriously wounded.

severe mental illness.

Severe frostbite.


sudden shock.

strong increase or decrease in temperature.


You can also call a doctor to pay a house.All narrow specialists of paid clinics go home.At home you can do massage, to produce analyzes of the fence, to do all kinds of surveys, put shots, IVs, to provide any expert assistance.
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