Rigid arch supports (orthotics) are made of graphite, steel or special plastics.This kind of insoles for obese people, whose weight exceeds one hundred kilograms.Hard insoles can properly distribute the load across the foot by supporting arches in the desired position.These products help to ease the pain surge ligaments and remove the pain in a bone of the thumb.
Semi insoles are mainly made of flexible plastic, they can ease the stress of the soft tissues
of the foot.Feet in a shoe almost feel the foot strikes the ground.Semi-rigid insole recommended for people suffering from exposing foot or sprained ankle.
Cushioned insole can help you get rid of corns or calluses on the suspended part of the foot.In addition, they are recommended for diabetics, because it avoids abrasion of the foot.Soft foam insoles are made on the basis of, or spongy.
There is another kind of arch supports - a preventive insole.Their main task - to help your foot as much as possible to remain in the normal state.These insoles control your foot and prevent weakening of the arches, their compression.Prophylactic insoles made of cork, leather or foam.
also highlights insoles for the treatment of heel spurs.These insoles have a special heel cushions, shaped like a horseshoe that.They are used to prevent the possibility of injury to the soft tissues of the heel.
For children there are special orthopedic insoles.They contribute to the formation of correct and healthy arches of the foot.These insoles are recommended for the prevention of flatfoot.