however, quit smoking - a very real problem, especially if you have your own desire.Successfully quitting smoking is possible only if so decided, he wanted a smoker as the person who refuses to cigarettes under the pressure of circumstances or others, is experiencing severe stress, which sooner or later will cause the craving to smoke.

Can I quit smoking on their own?

answer to this question is obvious: anyone able to give up cigarettes!This is confirmed by numerous studies conducted in the

United States and Russia, which prove that quitting smoking is possible, and even not as complicated as it may seem.You only need to follow a few simple rules.Namely:

find pros

Think about what tie with smoking - is to rid themselves of suffering, inevitable during long flights, when you desperately wanted to smoke;cigarette butts, ashtrays, and you will be able to reduce expenditure at the dentist and save a lot of money that previously went to your bad habits.The health benefits, of course, is obvious.

use case

Few heroically able to give up cigarettes, "Monday".For the separation of tobacco needs a good reason.For example, in the autumn of habitual bronchitis or sore throat when desire to smoke a cigarette does not even arise!

Change rituals

each action corresponds to a certain smoker's ritual: a cup of coffee, a pause in work, out of the subway, and maybe you smoke after a meal.Try to replace these events Booster for any other action.This will ease the craving for tobacco.Do not push yourself, going out for a smoke with their colleagues or visiting desperately smokestack party!

Take your hands and mouth

numerous ways to quit smoking is based, inter alia, to replace cigarettes for food.But to live without smoking is not turned into a struggle with being overweight, smoking breaks, replace the low-calorie fruit, vegetables or chewing gum, sugarless.Hands can take a Rubik's Cube or a rosary.

Praise yourself

determination to quit smoking is very laudable and worthy of strong man - a true act as "fight" comes with its own hormonal and nervous systems - the most serious opponents, who used to live under the influence of nicotine.Reward yourself.And it is not only morally!

Seek help is not a shame!

If you want to quit smoking, but alone it is not, and did not hesitate to consult a specialist.Heavy and prolonged addiction - a disease.No one would ever think to call "rag" a person for what he had toothache or appendicitis requires immediate removal.The doctor is always possible to see the situation "from the outside" to find a truly effective, the best is for you to: reflexology, hypnosis, coding, herbal teas or sigaretozameniteli - nicotine gum, nicotine patch, nicotine inhaler, and may even be popular drugto elimination of tobacco was the least painful.

True, but the terrible facts

only understand why it is worth to make the choice in favor of the elimination of tobacco addiction can be overcome.

Being the most common bad habit, smoking is seen lots of people like harmless fun.However, over time, when a person begins to notice: bad breath, yellowing of teeth, constantly sore throat, red from the constant irritation of smoke eyes rapidly aging skin, morning cough, nausea and dizziness, the question of how to quit smoking, inevitably stands in front of each.

That is why the problem of smoking, nicotine addiction - a disease that must be treated.Addiction is striking all the internal organs, stimulates the complicated for conventional and harmless ARI, influenza, SARS, bronchitis, causes the development of cardiovascular pathologies.Tobacco smoke - a powerful carcinogen, causing cancers - contains more than four thousand highly dangerous compounds threatening oncology, causing mortality!The addiction to smoking - a probability 13 times more sick angina, in 12 five times - a heart attack ten times - stomach ulcers and more than thirty times - lung cancer.There is no authority that would not be susceptible to the harmful effects of tobacco.The only way to avoid it - a complete rejection of cigarettes in favor of their own health.

Another aspect of the problem: studies show that people who resort to smoking occasionally and those who regularly inhale smoke at home, in a cafe, at work, in the street to suffer even more than smokers themselves!

most famous methods to quit smoking

Addiction to smoking due to nicotine contained in tobacco, which has a calming and relaxing effect.As a result, cigars, cigarettes, pipes, lighters come into play when people want to escape and relax after a tiring work, calm the nervous system, to enjoy the food.Gradually, the body gets used to the daily dose of nicotine, and if sharply to deprive him of "dose" of the drug, severe stress is inevitable.Therefore, decided to throw a cigarette overnight, sooner or later, still frustrated, because the withdrawal of a man who decided to give up tobacco - akin to the drug "breaking"!Relieve physical "suffering" of the body, it is possible to cheat, using special substances that reproduce nikotinopodobnoe action.

nicotine substitutes, the most well-known and thoroughly studied of which - cytisine, on the properties and chemical composition similar to nicotine, but is much less toxic.What makes cytisine found wide application in the medical treatment of dependence on nicotine.It is injected into the funds, to facilitate weaning from tobacco.The effect of the use of the substance in preparations "Tabexa" and some chewable lozenges associated with playback of unpleasant symptoms of overdose from minor ailments to serious discomfort.These unpleasant feelings induce smoker day by day to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, causing, encouraging, ultimately, to throw a cigarette."Endoklin" also helps rid the body of toxins, neutralize nicotine.

Method Allen Carr

Allen Carr, author of the cult in the ranks of smokers book "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" is captivating many millions of readers with its sincerity.Self-breaking long-term tobacco addiction, the author uses specific psychotherapeutic techniques, sincerely trying to convey to people the knowledge and experience.Along the way he meets a lot of questions that asks himself every smoker.And his method certainly works, but it is not suitable for everyone.For example, Artemy Lebedev - known designer, businessman and blogger - a lot of interesting talks about his experience of smoking cessation and about what kind of role in his life played by the unforgettable work of an Englishman - Book how to quit smoking.

Legal restrictions

whole world gradually abandons cigarettes.More than two hundred million people in the world today have ceased to breathe someone else's smoke.Several countries, where smoking is prohibited: Norway, Canada, Scotland, Uruguay, New York, New Zealand legalized embargo on smoking in public places.Only Russian smokers are not going to take the position, claiming a violation of their rights.Of particular concern is the access of nicotine for teens.Because we all know that the producers in order to promote among young people cigarettes, try to connect, to put smoking on par with glamor, fashion, popularity, success in life.Therefore, the new technical regulations prescribe the need for appearing on cigarette packages by the beginning of 2013 the frightening images on the dangers of smoking.

... If, having collected his will in a fist, you stop smoking, then two days later you come back to the old sense of smell and taste.A week away from the unpleasant smell of hair and skin, improve skin turgor and color.At the end of the month will be much easier to breathe, headache disappear, will not bother the morning coughing and normalize metabolism.

Smoking - a dependence on that is reasonably to be in favor of health - and your loved ones!