you need
  • - lice;
  • - plastic bag.
detect lice you can by visual inspection.You will see a whitish eggs glued to the hair, and living insects.If you have no one to examine the hair lay on the table colored paper and comb over her fine comb.On paper, insects and eggs will be combed live lice.When pressed on the nail takes them crunch.
to combat head lice and pubic use pharmaceuticals or traditional methods.Drugs purchased at a pharmacy act instantly, in one application you will be able to get rid of lice .
Use ointment "Spregal", "Nittifor", "Pair Plus", "Permethrin", "Sumitrin", "phenothrin", "Pedeks", "M
edifoks" boric ointment hellebore water.Before using any means refer to the instructions from the manufacturer.Typically, an ointment or lotion liberally applied to the affected hair and a few hours carefully rinsed with water and shampoo.
If you bought a vehicle in the form of a spray, but all manufacturers produce not only ointments and lotions, and sprays liberally sprinkle the affected hair, tightly roll up plastic bag, a few hours later rinse composition with soap and wateror shampoo.
flea shampoos intended for pets, you can use to combat lice.They have a complex structure and are struggling with any ectoparasites parasitic not only on the fur of animals, but also in humans.
To combat body lice, wash all clothing, bedding, then place in the cold or warm in Ovens.Cabinets are available in each sanoepidemstantsii.Instead of the cold and the oven, you can use a hot iron.Carefully progladte things, focusing on the seams.
To win wardrobes lice , thoroughly clean up, wear clothes treated.All accommodations treat aerosols from crawling insects.After 3 hours, spend spring cleaning with chlorine-containing agents.
As people's methods of controlling lice use kerosene, the infusion of wormwood, turpentine, tar soap.To display lice using kerosene or turpentine, heavily lubricate the hair, wrap them with a plastic bag, 4 hours thoroughly rinse shampoo.
To prepare the infusion of wormwood use.Put 300 g of crushed material in a container, pour boiling water in a volume of three liters, insist 3:00.Grease your hair for 10 days, morning and evening.
For removing lice using tar soap soapy wash your hair every day until complete destruction of the parasites.