Tip 1: How to find a cure in Moscow

Not all medicines prescribed by a doctor, can be purchased at your local pharmacy.To find some of them previously had to go around a few institutions.Now it can be done without leaving home, and in a major city, for example, in Moscow , find a cure you can in just a few minutes.
Learn about the availability of your desired medication at your local pharmacy or of public pharmacies it is.Muscovites and visitors can do this by phone 8 (495) 775-79-57.On it you can also find out the cost of medicines, you need to book a number of packages and order its delivery.On weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 you will consult a specialist, he will answer all questions related to the dosage and method of use of your preparation.
Online pharmacies in the Moscow network the Internet, you can also get all the necessary information.Type in the search box at the top of the page, the name of the drug that you are looking for.At your request will present information in a pharmacy you can buy this drug i
n the desired form of packaging than it can be replaced and its description.Easier to find pharmacies Map Moscow pharmacies.You can also find a list of pharmacies located with the nearest metro station, on your street or in your administrative district.
This service is provided on the site of a large medical-prophylactic center "Medlyuks."Type in the search box the name of the medication and get a list of pharmacies in which it can be purchased.Hypertext links to the name of the pharmacy will help you get information about her address and phone number, the nearest metro station, on the number and type of units of goods available on the trading floor, the cost of the drug.By registering online, you will receive a discount discounts and bonuses.You can call the Centre to find a cure and multichannel hour phone 8 (495) 995-995-1.
Buy medicine online pharmacy.Pay it convenient for you, if necessary, make a delivery for a small surcharge directly to your home or take it to the nearest ex.Medications purchased in a store, do not lie on the shelves at the pharmacy, they will be ordered from the supplier and delivered to you almost immediately after manufacture.

Tip 2: How to find the right medicine

Pharmacological counters rarely deficient.However, this does not simplify the search for the necessary medicines.In matters of health to delay the search for the necessary preparations can not.To speed up the search process should be aware of all the ways the search.
How to find the right medicine
you need
  • - recipe (if the drug is released only by its presentation)
  • - passport
  • - contact customerservice government and commercial pharmacy chains
Contact your nearest pharmacy.If the medication was not necessary, ask the pharmacist to contact the inner pharmacy service and ask the points at which the network is still left.If the pharmacy is not part of the network, then ask when the medicine will be available, and whether there is an opportunity to issue him an order.If you find it difficult to get around all the nearest pharmacy network, ask relatives and friends living in different parts of the city to visit all the nearby pharmacies and inquired about the availability of the drug.
use referral service of the state pharmacy network.There are several ways to do this: call the service on their own to find a cure on the official website using the form or go to the nearest public pharmacies.Telephone service pharmacy can be found through your local help desk.The official website can be easily found through search resources.The site has a special form for the search.When contacting the nearest pharmacy you can get on the waiting list for a specific medication m, indicating your passport data and present a prescription at the request of the pharmacist.
use referral service commercial networks if you do not like the waiting period medicines in public institutions.Large pharmaceutical network have similar customer services.If for ordering you need to make an advance payment, do not forget to take the receipt.If you place an order over the Internet, then carefully examine the site for integrity before ordering.Make sure this is the official site of the existing pharmacy network.Remember that the sale of pharmaceutical products related to licensed activities, and the virtual sale of medicines is prohibited.Therefore, it would be preferable, if you do take away the goods ordered from Pharmacy and refuse delivery to the apartment.
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