Take tincture of berries to strengthen the body, increase vitality and efficiency.In addition, cranberry juice kills bacteria, so drink it as an infusion in the prevention of respiratory infections and flu.Mash one tablespoon of berries, pour a glass of boiling water.Insist 1-2 hours, strain.Drink half a cup 2 times a day.
Eat viburnum berries to strengthen the heart and reduce swelling.Tear off the brush viburnum, wash them.Separate berries from branches.Eat them with stones.
use broth from the berries to lower blood pressure, as well as to combat atherosclerosis.Pour a glass of berries with one liter of hot water, boil f
or 8-10 minutes.Strain, cool, add 3 tablespoons of honey.Drink half a cup 3-4 times a day.
Take decoction viburnum with honey for the treatment of upper respiratory tract.Also in the case of cold with cough bouts and headache.For patients with asthma also recommended the drink.Pour 6 tablespoons.berry spoons one cup of boiling water.Boil 5 minutes and leave for 1 hour.Take 1 \ 3 cup 3 times daily after meals.Add the broth for 1 hour. L.honey.
Eat viburnum berries for a long time, or drink the juice of 1 \ 3 cup 3 times a day for treatment of tuberculosis.Drink quarter Viburnum 4-5 times a day (every half hour) to stop headaches.
Take infusion of cranberry as a sedative.Spread 5 Art.spoon berries, pour 500 g of boiling water and stir.Insist for 4 hours, strain.Drink half a glass before meals 4-5 times.Take this infusion and as a blood-purifying agent for sufferers of metabolic disorders.Also, this solution can lubricate the affected skin and remove acne.
Eat 1/4 cup berries of Viburnum (pitted), for the treatment of eczema.In this disease, you can drink the infusion: mash 2-4 tablespoons dry berries, pour 2 tbsp.boiling water, leave for 3-4 hours.Drink half a glass of 4 times a day.
Gargle for sore throat, mouth, stomatitis and parodontosis during infusion of the berries.Spread 1-2 tbsp.spoons Viburnum, pour a glass of boiling water.Insist 1 hour. Strain.Eat berries, mashed with sugar when you cough, sore throat, jaundice and diarrhea.
Use viburnum berries for the treatment of gastritis according to the recipes of traditional medicine.Fill them three 3-liter jars, cover with cold water, insist at room temperature for 10-12 days.Steam the jars and place them in a cool place.Drink juice before meals for 40 ml.When infusion of the first banks is over, fill it with water berries.Start drinking from the second bank, after the end of re-add the water.Start drinking from the third bank.Further along the same lines, until the water runs clear, then, given all the juice berries.After this course the acidity of the stomach returns to normal if it is zero - repeat treatment.