you need
  • - apple cider vinegar
  • - alcoholic herbal liqueur (lilac, black locust, etc.)
  • - infusion of horse chestnut
  • - honey
  • - potatoes
  • - garlic
  • - the leaves of burdock
  • - cabbage leaves
  • - birch leaves
  • - tomatoes
  • - aloe juice, onion
Process protruding veins s medicinal infusions and vyzhimkamiYablochny vinegar containingset of trace elements should be applied to problem areas daily.Acceptance of apple cider vinegar inside (two teaspoons per 200 ml of water) will strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase their flexibility.Alcohol herbal tinctures (lilac, black locust, etc.) to help dissolve the veins formed oznye nodules, so plentifully moisten and rub s veins.Hot infusions well strengthen capillary walls - prepare fresh horse chestnut extract
s and applied to swollen veins s.
Do kompressyDlitelnost impact on veins s determined by the composition compress.Honey compresses applied, starting with a couple of hours, and gradually increasing the time of exposure to a day.Potato compresses do not hold more than 5 hours.Poultice of garlic and butter left overnight.The leaves of burdock, cabbage or plantain pre repel and attach to the legs at night.Yogurt and chopped tarragon apply for half an hour."Birch Boots" - a procedure based on the effect of sauna - effective when properly performed (change packs of birch leaves should be every 3 hours).Sliced ​​tomatoes apply to veins am for 4 hours, then I was on fresh slices.
taken orally, strengthens sosudyPodgotovte apple liqueur with all the rules of preparation and take the infusion in the morning and evening.Muscat or pine nuts chop, pour boiling water - take the infusion in the evening.
Lubricate foot mazyamiIspolzuyte finished formulations - ointment Vishnevsky ichthyol or ointment.Cook therapeutic compositions themselves - add to the pharmaceuticals veins nym drug aloe juice, onion, honey and lard.
perform special exercises uprazhneniyaLechebnaya well cleans vessels.Get up on your toes and go down sharply on the heels - start sessions with a few repetitions and gradually increase the amount of exercise to warm up to 60 several times a day.