First of all, the load on the knees should be optimal.If you move a little and spend a lot of time sitting at a table, you need to do exercises, walking.If, on the contrary, you have to move a lot, carry heavy weights, it is important to take breaks, to give the feet rest, at the end of the day it would be nice to do a relaxing massage.
Most often the pain in the knee joints caused by rheumatism.It is a disease that affects the connective tissues.Aggravation of pain often occurs in the spring and autumn.However, treatment should not be seasonal, but constantly, until rezultata.Horosho proof in such cases to help the fresh leaves of plants: cabbage, burdock, mother and stepmother.They can be used in the season when they are actively growing, making wraps daily.
If possible, the leaves are tied for the day - if not for the night.
in seasons when no fresh plants can eliminate pain in the following manner.It should be in a glass of warm water to dissolve 3 teaspoons of salt.Wet the cloth in the solution and do wiping knees.You can also damp cloth and tie, not removing, wear a few hours.Treatment should be repeated every day.
eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in the knee joints to help bath with decoction, which is prepared from the following herbs: burdock leaves, black currant, horsetail, thyme, series, pine buds, sweet clover, marjoram.The broth is prepared from the calculation: 1 liter of water - 7-8 tablespoons of the mixture of herbs.The water temperature is 40 ° C and filtered broth moment take a bath for 20 minutes.It is necessary to take a course of about 15 baths, taking them every day or every other day.
In rheumatoid arthritis the body needs large amounts of vitamins C and P. It is therefore important to include in your diet foods with these vitamins.Also very useful are teas of the following plants: rose hips, mountain ash, black currant leaves, cranberries.
anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect is herbal tea: nettle, raspberry leaves, mother and stepmother, St. John's wort, calendula, Potentilla, field mint, chamomile, succession, thyme.Brew in a thermos in the proportion of 4 tablespoons of mixture per liter of boiling water.Take a decoction should be 4 times a day for half a cup for two months, then take a week break and then repeat the course.