decoctions and infusions with pneumonia

decoctions and infusions of natural medicinal ingredients are useful in various diseases of the respiratory system.Their regular intake helps cleanse the lungs of mucus, eliminating inflammation and boosts immunity.

Recipe №1.Broth-based dry rose hips and rowan berries.Well-dried berries (for 3 tablespoons. Tablespoons) should be crushed and 8-10 hours to fill with water.Note that in this case, water should not be hot, it is best to use a cool drinking water.After the required period of time means you need to put on the fire and boil.Wh
en the water boils, the fire should be eased and cook the berries for 10 minutes.When the broth has cooled, for the convenience of future use it should drain.Ready broth necessary to use regularly, can drink water instead of 100 ml to 5 times per day.

Recipe №2.The infusion of honey and aloe.Fresh aloe leaf should be cut into small pieces, put in an enamel bowl, add the 300 grams of the honey, 100 ml of drinking water.The tool you need to cook for 2 hours on very low heat, stirring regularly.During cooking, the honey is completely dissolved, resulting in a homogeneous mass of golden medium thickness.Keep the infusion should be refrigerated, consume three times a day for 1 st.spoon.

Bee products have become a very long time used in the treatment of pneumonia in people of all ages, children included.Contraindications to its use are diabetes, allergies.

treatment of pneumonia

propolis Propolis contains high levels of beneficial to human health of trace elements and vitamins, with the right technique increases the effect of antibiotics on the body, effectively combats inflammation.

most simple recipe means on the basis of propolis from pneumonia: 10 g of propolis and 100 g of butter and heat the mix and then pass through a sieve and put it in a convenient bowl.For example, in a small jar.Storing means need refrigeration, use preferably prior to meals, and 1 tsp. Three times a day.

This tool is recommended for acceptance in chronic inflammation of the lungs.The treatment is long and not less than 8 weeks.

packs pneumonia

packs great warm up the human body, relieve pain and inflammation, eliminate cough in diseases of the respiratory system.The main contraindications to their use - high body temperature.

of pneumonia is very good cheese wrap.To make it, you need to mix 1 tbsp.a spoonful of honey and 100 g of cottage cheese.The resulting mass is warm, then wrap in cheesecloth and apply to the chest of the patient.To avoid burning the curd should not be too hot.The compress should be kept to 15 minutes, then remove, the patient with a blanket to wrap up warm.Repeat this treatment must be every day, throughout the week.Only in this case it will be noticeable positive therapeutic outcome.

Folk remedies for inflammation of the lungs - not a reason to abandon the traditional treatment.Self-medication is permissible only in conjunction with the designated specialist therapy.