When cooking should choose foods with a low glycemic index (beans, low-fat dairy products, etc.), as well as whole grains.Try to include in your daily diet more vegetables and fruits, which include a small amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients contained much.
at each meal should be consumed one of the products containing protein (chicken, turkey meat, lentils, etc.).Foods with saturated fats (margarine, lard, etc.) should be replaced by products with unsaturated fats (olive oil, fatty fish, etc.) to maintain the required level of sugar .
recommended to add as a seasoning for dishes vinegar, a
lso capable of supporting glucose level at a predetermined level.During the meal, limit the serving size that will fit a balanced diet, and will prevent the body from weight gain.
To reduce sugar there are various recipes of traditional medicine.The positive effect gives the juice of potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke, beets and cabbage, mixed in equal proportions that you need to drink 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner 1/3 cup.
an excellent tool in the fight against diabetes is the onion and garlic.You can drink onion juice or eat a baked onion and cook infusion of onions or garlic arrows.
To reduce sugar use ordinary white beans.Pour three fasolinki cold water (1/2 cup), and in the morning on an empty stomach, eat beans and drink the water.
as the best beverage to brew tea from the hawthorn, wild rose, black currant leaves.Assist extracts of herbs such as lime blossom, burdock, dandelion, clover, blueberry leaves, nettles leaf beans.Useful as chicory, containing inulin.