mortality from cancer is second only to cardiovascular diseases.More than 6 million people each year are diagnosed with this disease.The main characteristic of cancer - is the loss of the ability of the cells to differentiate, a violation of the tissue structure.Cells of malignant tumors "aggressively" spread through the bloodstream throughout the body, with the further formation of new tumor foci.Tumors are malignant or benign.There are many kinds of cancer such as lip cancer, lung cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, throat cancer, etc.In today's world, many factors contribute to the process of carcinogenesis, such as:

  1. Chemical carcinogens (metals, plastics);

  2. biological factors;

  3. Genetic factors;

  4. environmental factors.

Symptoms of cancer dep

end mainly on the location of the tumor, the growth rate and the presence of metastases.Symptoms:

  1. Identify cancer can change the skin in a limited area, in the form of an expanding swelling.Sometimes swelling ulcerate, exposing deep ulcers, which are insensitive to treatment.

  2. sudden changes in voice, difficulty in swallowing, food passes through the esophagus, cough, pain in the chest.

also determine the cancer can be the following signs: loss of appetite, sudden, groundless weakness, severe weight loss, fever, anemia, seal the breast (in women), bloody discharge from the nipple, labored urination.Bleeding from the bladder - as manifestations of cancer.Modern technology allows for timely treatment to the doctor, a thorough analysis and collection history to identify cancer at an early stage, on which he still treatable.

to detect tumors used all available current methods of diagnosis: a physical examination, radiography, computed tomography, puncture, biopsy, endoscopy.Therefore, at the slightest manifestations of any of these symptoms, do not delay, you need to see a doctor and get tested.