One of the main differences between milk teeth - their color.The crowns of these teeth milky-white color, and why they got their name.
crowns of deciduous teeth width greater than their height.In the neck clearly shows the contour of the enamel bead, particularly well expressed it on the vestibular surface.
mineralization of hard tissue of milk teeth is lower than that of permanent, which is why temporary teeth are more prone to caries, which can occur in acute forms (circular, bottle caries) or forms that are alien to the permanent teeth.An example - a planar cavities.
roots in the milk teeth are shorter than the regular.In addition, their root systems are widely divergent in different directions (between the roots are the beginnings of permanent premo
Located baby teeth more vertically to the alveolar arc than permanent.This arrangement is quite understandable: behind the roots of deciduous teeth are the beginnings of permanent premolars.
deciduous teeth pulp chamber is large, but the roots and crown thin walls.That's why when deep caries in temporary teeth can be pulp.