binge is often a continuation of the usual hangover.In this state, a person experiences a craving to drink another dose of alcohol to alleviate their condition.Out even independent of binge does not mean that the disease is defeated.It is necessary to begin immediate treatment, preferably with the assistance of a specialist psychiatrist, or a drunken state happen again.
Abort (arrest) only booze binge at the end of the period.For example, if a person familiar binge lasts a week, there is no sense to put a drip on the second day, as this measure only remove alcohol poisoning.Were treated always with the consent of the alcohol-dependent, otherwis
e no effect will.
stoped the bout can be in the hospital and at home, to call the psychiatrist at home.However, the withdrawal from binge at home is not possible if the patient is unconscious or in a state of delirium tremens.In these cases, no hospitalization is necessary.In general, the most effective way to bring people from binge - seek professional help, especially in severe forms of alcoholism.
Removing the hard drinking - a process of detoxification of the body of the sick person, that is,cleansing his body of toxins.There are several ways: hemosorbtion (process pass blood through special filters), plasmapheresis, intravenous administration of droplets (with a dropper, intravenous or intramuscular injection) of drug solutions (glucose saline).Do not forget that the first two methods are used in cases of very severe alcohol poisoning.
withdrawal from binge at home is effective in the initial stage of alcoholism.Let the patient drink plenty of liquids, at least 3 liters per day, for example, apple juice, stewed fruit, tea with lemon or brine.Before the procedure, the patient can wash the stomach to get rid of the remnants of alcohol.Additionally, helps patients to take a contrast shower or pour cold water on the head.
sure to insulate a person from suffering companions, do not allow them to communicate even on the phone.Do not settle for a request to replace the patient's spirits lighter alcoholic beverages, it may aggravate his condition.Suggest to drink herbal tea, for example, St. John's wort, sage, mint, yarrow.Take 2 of the grass and one of the roots of calamus, angelica and juniper fruit.Mix and brew boiling water.This tea should be drunk without sugar and lots of it.Therapeutic diet includes eating consisting of sauerkraut or a thick broth of beef bone.