specialist will examine and recommend you one of the main treatments for transverse flatfoot.The first of them - a conservative, it is only suitable for the treatment of the first degree of the disease.The method itself is to reduce the weight, reducing the static load, the rejection of "heels" and uncomfortable shoes.In addition, when conservative treatment patients received physiotherapy treatments, physiotherapy and massage.Your doctor may also recommend wearing orthopedic insoles with special rollers.
Another method (operational) is used to treat cross flatfoot second and third degree.Its constituent variations are more than four, but none of them does not remove the main cause of the disease -
weakness musculo-ligamentous apparatus.In extreme cases it may require surgical intervention, ie transplantation of muscle tendons or plastic capsule of the joints.After this operation, the patient should wear shoes only to individual insoles and with insoles with roller Seitz, and with arch supports.
should not reject the recipes of traditional medicine.Here's one: Take 10% iodine solution and apply it to the bone of the thumb.This will help reduce inflammation and stop the growth of cartilage.However, be careful with iodine, do not use highly concentrated solution, otherwise you draw burns the skin.The same recommendation can be given to compress with the addition of vinegar.By the way, modern medicine offers a range of ointments, gels, can reduce inflammation of the joints and improve the nutrition of tissues.However, do not purchase these tools yourself, check with your doctor.