cracked heels are caused by excessive dryness of the skin, but can also be caused by the malfunction of the endocrine system, or skin diseases.Sometimes it can show symptoms of gastritis, diabetes, beriberi.Also, the cause of the cracks can become wearing uncomfortable shoes and synthetic tights and socks.Treat your heels quite difficult.But if you carry out procedures on a regular basis, then we can achieve a positive effect.

  1. as therapeutic drugs used funds for Vaseline basis.They must be applied to the pre-steaming up.To do this, use the hot water with 1 teaspoon of boric acid.After this you should apply Vaseline to his feet, then put on warm socks and leave
    overnight.If the cracks are inflamed, pustules appeared around them - should definitely consult a doctor, otherwise the disease may progress to a more complex stage.

  2. Be sure to pay attention to proper balanced diet.Lack of fatty acids and minerals can lead to dry skin and the appearance of various problems in the field of five.

  3. Another common disease heels - is corn.Quickly get rid of them will help warm foot bath.The water is recommended to add 2 tbspsoda, 5 drops of chamomile oil and 2 tablespoonsolive oil.This water is necessary to hover legs for 15 minutes.After that it is necessary to lubricate the legs any healing agent, such as salicylic ointment.Then you need to stick corn corn plaster.If the bubble is formed, filled with liquid, it must be carefully cut open and nail scissors upper skin.Then it is necessary to lubricate the wound with iodine or brilliant green.

In the case where you have a regular manner "corns" Grandma's recipes are not any help.It is necessary to consult specialists to establish the exact cause of the deformation of the skin.Your doctor may prescribe special orthopedic pads in the shoes.