Ideally, our local doctors should explain to us in detail the simple rules of the competent delivery of analyzes.But in reality about them, few people know.For example, ask the people in front of the Cabinet of the laboratory: Do they explain how to prepare for analysis that can be done prior to their surrender, and which is not?There is hardly a lot of "literate" patients: the vast majority of the doctor just wrote coupons, without detailed explanations.

course, to know all the details of preparation for taking tests, you need to read a lot of special medical literature, but it is unlikely we will need it.For the average patient enough to learn a few simp

le rules.

So what should you, for example, to take a blood test?The first rule: no matter whether you need to donate blood from a finger, or you have to pass the blood from a vein - this should be done on an empty stomach.The last meal before blood donation should be light and not later than 12 hours before analysis.It is necessary to abstain from fried, greasy, not to eat meat, as well as sweet, spicy, salty, sour.

One day before the blood test (and any other) is eliminated alcohol.

Before having blood should refrain from thermal treatments, such as a sauna or a bath and exclude enhanced physical activity.

Keep in mind that you can not donate blood after X-rays and x-rays!

If you want to donate blood sugar, before this analysis, not only can not eat or drink anything sweet, but brush your teeth and chew gum.

Naturally, all of these recommendations can be used only for routine analyzes.In an emergency, take tests without pretreatment.You will need to just put a doctor aware of the factors that may affect the reliability of the results.