Indications "Medermy»

drug "Mederma" used in the banners that appear as a result of drastic changes in weight or pregnancy, cosmetic scars arising after the damage of the skin acne, skin lesions after another character.The gel is used after laser therapy, removal of tattoos, birthmarks, to restore the skin after surgery, inflammatory diseases.

«Mederma" gently smoothes scars, making them flexible and closer to the natural color of the skin.The tool helps to get rid of stretch marks, improves the appearance of the surface of the body.After its application the skin is able to react to ultraviolet rays and gets tan.As a result of extensions made less noticeable.

The preparation includes: xanthan gum, sorbic acid, methylparaben, tsepolin, allantoin, flavoring and water.Allantoin is a biologically active substance having the property to collect and hold
moisture in the surface layers.This substance promotes skin cell regeneration, has antibacterial, wound healing, keratolytic and anti-inflammatory properties.Tsepalin has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the formation of collagen.The analog of the drug "Mederma" is a gel "Contractubex."

How to apply the gel "Mederma»

Use "Medermu" only after wound healing.When applying the product, use a special massage technique.Rub the gel in the problem area 3-4 times a day, making it easy to press with the movement for 3-5 minutes.until completely absorbed funds.Massage the skin zigzag or circular motion from the center to the periphery of the scar, gently pushing it.Duration of protection "Medermy" of scars, stretch marks, then surgery may be from 3 to 6 months or longer.

tool is designed for external use only.Avoid contact with eyes and do not use on open wounds unhealed."Mederma" is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the means.The gel was well tolerated, even in cases of prolonged use.Sometimes there may be local allergic reaction.When the unwanted side effects of drug treatment should be discontinued.Gel "Mederma" should be stored in a cool, dark, place inaccessible to children.Shelf-life vehicles - 24 months.