release form of the drug - white opaque capsules containing white powder inside.Appointed "Linex" at dysbacteriosis with symptoms of diarrhea, increased gas, constipation, vomiting, epigastric pain, deteriorating digestion, skin rashes.Due to the fact that the product contains lactose, taking "Lineks" can not all - it is not prescribed for patients with intolerance to milk products or other components of the formulation.There are no contraindications for pregnant women and breast-feeding.
Regardless of the age of the sick, "Linex" take three times a day, the difference is only in the number of capsules taken at the same time.Children under 2 years old 1 capsule, 2 t
o 12 years old - 1-2 capsules, in children older than 12 years and adults - 2 capsules.Children under 6 years of taking the drug should take place under medical supervision.
If the child is receiving "Linex" difficult to ingestion of the entire capsule, the capsule may be an autopsy and breeding powder in the liquid.The resulting suspension is necessary to drink at once, since it can not be stored.This method of taking the drug and allowed children not affect the microorganisms contained therein, as the pH of the gastric juice have higher than in adults.
Eat drug should be after a meal, along with a small amount of liquid.The liquid should not be hot, or it can destroy the bacteria contained in probiotics.Also, during treatment should not drink alcohol.Treatment "Linex" continues as long as the state does not improve patient.Timing recovery for each individual and depends on the disease.
During the reception, "Linex" should give preference to plant foods.Because the fiber contained in such products, is a necessary condition for the reproduction of probiotics.In addition, when taking the drug need no special diet, which would promote the creation of an acid environment in the intestine.