you need
  • - antibiotics;
  • - vitamin C;
  • - echinacea tincture;
  • - medicinal herbal.
Before you start treatment, consult your physician.Doctors prescribed blood and urine tests, and if necessary, additional tests on the equipment.After all the research you appoint antibiotics.Its duration is determined by the severity of symptoms and illness.Drink antibiotics scheme, your doctor orders.
Buy grass clover, plantain leaves, plantain seeds, St. John's wort, tricolor violet, mugwort and calamus root.If you have fresh feed, then grind it in a meat grinder.Dried herbs in a mortar
and mash.All the ingredients take in roughly equal proportions, and if you have something allergic, simply exclude it from a drug charge.Brew about 2 tablespoons of raw material per liter of boiling water, to insist in a thermos or a conventional bank.Take a decoction of 100-200 ml 3-5 times a day, you can drink it instead of tea.
Buy Echinacea tincture (caution it on alcohol).Take 10 drops, diluted with water.If you can not drink alcohol, even in small doses, buy herb echinacea.Brew 1 teaspoon in a glass of water, take 50 ml 4 times a day.The average duration of treatment should be about 10-14 days, 20-25 days if necessary.Then needed a break of 10-15 days, and only then can resume receiving miraculous plant.
Take your vitamins.To cope with the inflammatory process will help vitamin C. Eat it before eating, and if the sore stomach after ingestion of 250 ml 4 times a day, but not anymore.If you follow the recommendations of the therapist, as well as undergo a course of adjuvant therapy with herbs, you defeat the disease quickly.