First of all, learn to go to bed on time.Not to stay up late for a TV screen or front of the monitor.Sleep be in the dark.Even ambient light nightlight prevents proper rest.Close the curtains to avoid light lamps.And try to ensure silence.You can now use the popular essential oils.Shortly before sleep aromolampu ignite.Well it affects sleep lavender.Or buy a special sleeping pillow stuffed with soothing herbs.
Spend psychological setting body.Mentally give yourself the order to wake up at your desired time.Repeat this order several times, as if memorizing by heart.Imagine that you need to wake up at this hour, to do something nice.For example, breakfast with fresh warm
bun.Your brain will heed the command, and you will wake up faster and easier.
If possible, set the alarm clock is not an ordinary call, and on the bouncy energetic melody.This will help you feel more energetic and maybe cheer up.
Breakfast affects the state of cheerfulness very much.To postprandial do not relax, but rather, to feel the rush of energy - complete your kitchen in bright yellow, orange and red colors.They not only stimulate the appetite, but also added vigor.It is desirable for the same purpose for morning eat citrus fruits.And be sure to provide fresh air Open your window.
Do not forget to take a shower.Better if during the procedure you use cool water.Or will alternate between cool and warm.
standstill reduces efficiency and leads to rapid fatigue.So do not linger long in one place.Try to move more, including in the workplace.And organize small walks.It is useful not only for the morning wake-up, but also to save energy for the whole day.