Do not take "piracetam" people with kidney failure, suffering from diabetes who have had a hemorrhagic stroke, with agitation for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.If the pregnancy is the period of use "piracetam", then the drug should be discontinued immediately.
medicine is available in three forms - film-coated tablets, capsules, and 20% injection.Adults usually prescribed reception "Pyracetam" in the form of capsules, as have higher concentrations of active ingredient.Also recommend taking capsules of neurological and substance abuse disorders, the treatment of patients w
ith mental disorders.
exact dose reception "piracetam" selects the physician, based on the results of the tests and examinations.The average rate of ingestion is from 30 to 160 mg per 1 kg of body weight.If the dose that you have registered, a large, you can divide it into several stages for better digestibility of the drug by the body.And last receiving the drug should take place no later than 17 hours, otherwise it can cause sleep disorders.
¬ęPiracetam" is used in the food or in front of it, and washed down with plenty of liquid.For the elderly and children, the dose is usually reduced."Piracetam" by injection intramuscular and intravenous use at the unconscious patient or in violation of the swallowing.
course of treatment "piracetam" depends on the condition of the patient, the disease and speed recovery.It can range from two weeks to several months.Improper regimen "piracetam" may occur depending on the drug, so it is important to comply with all recommendations of the physician.And in the case of discomfort after taking the drug should inform your doctor.
also taking the drug in doses higher than recommended, can provoke strife, hyperactivity, aggression, cause migraine pain, disrupt digestion and trigger heart problems in people suffering from heart failure.