But not all methods of treatment can be used during pregnancy, as some of them can harm the fetus.Excluded from the focus once all medications, due to the presence of side effects and contraindications.But there is an alternative and it is necessary to use.
necessary to revise the power to eliminate constipation.During pregnancy, the fetus their weight presses on the organs located within the abdominal cavity, including the intestine.This makes it difficult to pass stool.Pregnant women tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle, and this leads to constipation.
need to enter in your daily diet dairy products to help improve the intestinal microflora.
daily eat cooked vegetables: carrots, red beets, potatoes, ca
uliflower.Make the first dish must in everyday menu.
To improve digestion and relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids drink every day one of the fresh vegetable juices:
- 1 carrot, spinach leaves 7, ½ celery stalks;
- 1 turnips (potatoes), 100/150 g watercress;
- 1 apple, 1 carrot, and 10 pieces of grapes.
Drink one glass of fasting serum morning.
to relieve symptoms of bleeding hemorrhoids drink half a cup or a glass of brine sauerkraut in the form of heat.
excluded from the diet raw cabbage, leguminous vegetables, mustard, black rye bread, pepper and unripe fruit.These foods are not completely digested and rough edges can scratch the walls of the rectum and cause bleeding hemorrhoids.
good result gives an introduction to the anus at night with sea buckthorn suppositories, candles of candied honey of aloe leaves and raw potatoes, thick as your little finger.
If the input spark causes a sharp pain, you can insert a plate leaf aloe (turned inside out) between the buttocks as close as possible to hemorrhoids.Aloe vera has analgesic effect and helps to get drawn into the bumps.
Good soothing and analgesic poultice of the cooled infusion of chamomile flowers (2-3 tablespoons) or a poultice of fresh juice of red beets or carrots.
If you need to do an enema, it is best to prepare a decoction of the leaves of wild strawberry or broth blueberries.
Cracks in the cones of hemorrhoids is well lubricated pure ehtiolom or ointment with mummy - a harmless and effective.
It must be remembered that local procedures are carried out exclusively on a clean surface.Traditional sit-contrast baths are contraindicated for pregnant women.Not all herbs are safe for pregnant women, so you can use only tested recipes.