purchasing calendula oil for the skin, it is necessary to focus on the method of its manufacture.The oil obtained by soaking the nails in a vegetable oil, called macerate.It can be used in pure form.If the product is released in the form of CO2-extract, then it is obtained due to the extraction plant in carbonate environments.Such means acceptable to use only a 0.2% solution.
With this product, you can meet the different needs of the skin.For example, regularly rubbing macerate face, you can make it opaque, to get rid of acne and inflammation.
Also worth a try compresses of calendula oil, hazelnut oil and black cumin oil, taken in equal proportions.This therapy helps with rosacea great, open wounds, burns and irritation of the epidermis.
Calendula oil for skin is used as follows.After washing the f
ace is dried with a clean towel or cloth.Then the oil or oil blend is heated slightly to a temperature of 25C.It is enough to lower the oil container in a bowl of hot water (40-45oS).
Then the composition is impregnated gauze, folded in four.It is first necessary to cut holes for eyes and mouth.Then wrap is applied to the face and held for half an hour.
Mask wash off with warm water normal.Fund balances are removed with a dry cloth.After application of the cream is not necessary to compress.
Calendula oil for hair is often used in the form of masks or creams.It is especially effective for dry itchy scalp.
To cure dandruff, it is enough to moisten every wash abundantly clear macerate the roots of the hair, cover your head with polyethylene and wear a mask for half an hour.Then wash your hair twice with shampoo lathering them.
To restore dry brittle hair and eliminate irritation of the scalp, use the following cream.In a water bath heated cocoa butter (2 parts).When it melts, thereto are added calendula oil (6 parts), Shih (3 parts) and almond (2 parts).
well-heated and Stir mixture was stored in a glass jar.The cream used as masks or wax shine.To apply you need to scoop a small amount of a substance, heat it in the fingertips, and then spread evenly over the strands.Then comb the hair comb Redkozubov.With calendula oil can not only solve the problems of the scalp, but also to restore posechennye ends, making hair manageable, silky and elastic.