formation of gas in the intestine contributes to a large consumption of carbonated beverages, foods that are high in fiber.These include apples, cabbage, black bread and beans.Flatulence may develop as a result of chronic diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract.The increased accumulation of gas in the intestines can occur by changing diet, stress, women before menstruation.Flatulence can develop against the backdrop of bad habits such as smoking and constant chewing gum.In any case, you need to see a specialist in order to establish the true cause swelling bowel .
If you have intestinal bloating is not a disease, you can use some tips: First you need to try to partially abandon the foods that cause fermentat
ion in the stomach.These include cookies, pasta, white bread, prepared foods, bouillon cubes.If your gut periodically swells, you can cook for a couple.This preparation will keep the vitamins in products, and intestinal bloating will be less.
exercise will help strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular system and lead to normal digestion.If you do not like to play sports, take a rule, each day for a walk in the fresh air.
necessary to try to give up bad habits.Smokers swallow a lot of air.Stomach receives a command to the digestion of food, and no food.Because of this swelling occurs bowel .
Chewing gum is only useful after a hearty dinner, and only five minutes.In other cases, it causes harm to the body.
Reception carbonated drinks can also be attributed to the harmful products.Soft drinks, champagne and beer contain huge amounts of gas, which then took a long walk through the intestines and inconvenience.
their recipes exist in folk medicine.She advises welcome calming herbs: decoction of chamomile, valerian, lemon balm, fennel seeds.If you follow these simple tips, the intestinal distension will occur less often or even disappear.