Tip 1: How to get rid of a headache

Many people occasionally suffer from headaches, you know how painful it is.However, not everyone knows how to cope with a headache.
Once you feel that approaching headache, one drink effervescent tablet of aspirin and possibly make an intramuscular injection of ascorbic acid.Perhaps these measures cropped attack.
If the headache is still played out, try to lie down.In the room where you lay down, be quiet.If you had a headache the day, close the curtains to create a semi-darkness of the room.In addition, it is good if you ventilate the room.Fresh air can relieve pain and stuffiness - worsen.
Put on the forehead and temples a towel soaked in cold water.In addition, the handle can help attack the following means of a headache:
well.Rub on a small grater fresh ginger root, apply gruel on the forehead and temples.If there is no fresh ginger, you can use the powder.
b.Take an ordinary yellow card and cut it into small squares.Soak them in water and apply to the sore spots
on his head.
with.Grate lemon with pulp.Make of this slurry compress on the forehead and temples.
If severe headache did not subside, try to rinse the head with warm, then cold water.
get rid of headaches may help strong cup of black or green tea.When brewing tea, add a pinch of mint and a camomile.Instead of tea, you can drink a glass of infusion of oregano (1 tbsp. Spoonful of herbs in 2 cups of boiling water, brew for 30 minutes).
If these funds do not help, take headache tablets.This can be askofen-P Citramon, Ibuprofen, Solpadein (especially effective effervescent soluble tablets), and others. When the pill even unable to take off an attack, you can make an intramuscular injection baralgin.
If you are concerned about frequent headaches, especially accompanied by severe nausea or vomiting, consult a doctor.Because chronic headaches can be a symptom of many serious illnesses requiring treatment.

Tip 2: How to get rid of constant headaches

Origin head pain quite diverse, so its removal requires an individual approach.Quite often an analgesic tablet brings only temporary relief and after a while the pain reappears.In such cases, the successful disposal of this disease is possible only after the cause.
How to get rid of constant headaches
you need
  • - herb St. John's wort, a mother and stepmother, motherwort;
  • - a cabbage leaf or leaves of lilac;
  • - grass mint, oregano;
  • - celery juice, potatoes, currant, cranberry, lingonberry.
At the first sign head pain brew of mint tea at the same time prepare a more concentrated decoction of the plant - for a foot bath.It has a calming effect.Within minutes, soak your feet in hot water and throughout the procedure drink small sips herbal drink.After the foot bath relax in the open window, lying down with his eyes closed and in complete silence.From folk remedies analgesic effect has a cabbage leaf and the leaves of lilac.Attach them to the head during the holidays.
When of recurring head pain healing effect is some juices and decoctions of herbs.For example, potato juice - ¼ cup of the morning on an empty stomach.Black currant juice, cranberry ordinary for ¼ cup 3 times a day.From herbs - St. John's wort, marjoram, mother and stepmother, elderberry.Propyl any drink in the course of 2-3 weeks.In addition, take vitamins.Deficiency of some of them can cause headaches or disease, one of the signs of which is this disease.
during prolonged head pain , can not be eliminated by any pain medication, measure the pressure and pay attention to the symptoms associated with hypotension and hypertension.In these cases, treatment can be successful after the elimination of the underlying cause.
headache, cause a decrease in pressure can be identified by poor health from the moment of awakening, weakness, blackouts on rising, cold hands and feet, the noise in the ears.In this case, for 2 weeks drink celery juice, 3 times a day for 1-2 tspFrom herbs suitable everlasting, thistles prickly juniper.To restore vascular tone was a general strengthening of the body through nutrition, health training and physical activity.
Headache caused by an increase in pressure, throbbing, pressing, with a characteristic localization in the occipital region, often accompanied by palpitations.In this case, do not take analgin and eliminate coffee.They can cause cerebrovascular accident.Combine medicated preparations for the normalization of pressure from traditional medicines.For example, in the season drink the juice from the berries cranberries 100-200 ml with cranberry honey, in equal parts, 2 tablespoons3 times a day.From herbal brew red clover, currant leaves, motherwort.
If the pain in the head is not connected with vascular dystonia - go back massage course, and especially cervical area.Problems with the spine - its offset and pinched nerves are one of the reasons constant head pain .Themselves to perform daily (only at the stage of attack subsided) exercise for stretching the spine.And for the prevention watch your posture.
With a sharp and prolonged headache (over 10 days), can not be eliminated - always consult a doctor to determine the cause of the disorder.
Helpful Hint
Do not get carried away with pain pills, as they have a negative effect on the liver.First of all try to cope with a headache by other means, without resorting to pills.
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