you need
  • - wool;
  • - sterile container.
Urinalysis prescribe not only when there are complaints, but also as a preventive measure.In fact, many diseases occur at first hidden and do not cause problems.By the time the first symptoms of the disease is often neglected, and therefore the duration of treatment increases several times.For this reason, hand over urinalysis at least once or twice a year, and when indicated - with the frequency that recommends attending physician.
Earlier preparation for analysis begins with a thorough washing of the container.The glass container was necessary to clean up pollution and sterilized with steam.Now the urgent need for this.Most
pharmacies sell disposable plastic containers with tight-fitting lid, which are fully ready for use.
considered the most accurate analysis of the collected early in the morning after a long sleep.On the eve best to avoid oily and spicy food as well as alcoholic beverages.Intense exercise should also be avoided, as they accelerate metabolism, and this may affect some laboratory parameters.
paramount importance toilet of external genitals.Use the warm boiled water.But soap is completely useless.Foreign matter in the urine analysis will uninformative.
When collecting urine is important that nothing more did not fall into a sterile container.That's why women should enter the vagina a small cotton swab.This is especially important during menstruation.
Collect midstream urine.The first and last spray must be drained down the toilet.The process of collecting the analysis do not interrupt urination.To investigate enough 20-30 ml of urine.
Deliver material to the laboratory within one and a half hours.For longer storage accuracy of the result is not guaranteed.If the laboratory is far from home, and the road will take more than two hours in advance ask for a preservative.True, this service is available only in some private laboratories.