you need
  • - renal collecting;
  • - corn silk;
  • - flax seed.
To prevent swelling, do not use large amounts of salty foods.Sodium chloride is capable of retaining water in the body and thereby cause swelling.In the morning it will be marked on the bags under the eyes or puffy face.The same result can cause a large amount of fluid you drink at night.By evening, the kidneys become less active, so it can not cope with their excretory function.
edema of the face, is not associated with errors in the diet, may be a sign of some diseases of the kidneys.In this case, in addition to going to the doctor, for 5 days propyl corn silk.Boil 30 grams of raw 1 cup of boiling water, wrap up and leave for 3 hours.Take 1 tbsp.l.3 t
imes a day 30 minutes before meal.
To eliminate and prevent swelling of the lower extremities is necessary to improve the cardiovascular and lymphatic system.For this purpose, the overall pass rate of massage, regularly hiking and sports, and for strengthening the heart during 1 month propyl decoction of flax seed.Add 4 h. L.raw material in 1 liter of boiling water for 10-15 minutes keep simmered.Take in the form of heat for half a cup every 2 hours.
sudden appearance of edema and the same prompt their disappearance can be caused by nervous stress.In this case, various ways strengthens nerves.Each morning, pour cold water, lie down and get up early, make long walks in the fresh air.In addition, within 7 days of drinking sedatives: valerian tincture or Leonurus.
edema formation in the heat contributes to a great loss of mineral salts in sweat, regulating water-salt metabolism, and excessive fluid intake, with a volume of which the kidneys fail.To avoid this, Quench your thirst with a small amount of water, and to compensate for vitamin and mineral loss drink fresh juices, mineral water and dried fruit compote.
If the swelling began to appear regularly, better consult a doctor.Only he will be able to determine the exact cause.Self being able to cause complication of the disease, due to which the liquid in the body and delayed.