Also, do not torture yourself dichlorvos and other aggressive chemicals that lice can be, and delivered, but it is very damaging to the scalp, not to mention the consequences of getting such a substance in the eye.Despite the fact that, as already mentioned, the choice of means Pharmacy today is quite wide, should follow a few tips to not just launch a campaign against unwanted pests, and to get rid of head lice quickly and effectively.

  1. Take reasonable selection process.Among the proposed range there are both cheaper means of domestic production and imports expensive.By means of this type are also different manifold - a liquid shampoos, sprays, and creams and ointments different consistencies.Head lice - this, of course, very unpleasant purchase, one news about the appearance of which may enter
    the civilized man in a state of shock.However, do not panic and sweep to the pharmacy shelves all the existing drugs.Nor should we assign special hopes for the most expensive of them.Recent advances allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce the majority of funds of about the same degree of effectiveness.Therefore it is best to focus on affordability, rather than choosing the drug among known how many of the category of the most comfortable to use.Most high-quality drugs are: Hungarian, Polish and German.

  2. Camymi comfortable in the application are creams and ointments, so it is their best and purchase.They do not flow as shampoo, or spray off-target, as the sprays.Using ointment is not possible to build complex color packs of polyethylene and a pile of towels.Ointment has an acceptable odor, so using it, you can walk around the apartment and do the usual things for themselves.Conveniently also the fact that, if necessary, or by accident, the ointment can "overdo" in excess of the specified time, without fear of repercussions for the skin and hair.

  3. And the third rule - carefully stretch and iron the linens.This way you save yourself from the re-emergence of uninvited guests on your head.