Tip 1: Why pregnant temperatures

During the whole period of pregnancy the expectant mother, taking care of the proper development of the baby should be especially attentive to the state of his health.Therefore, in the case of temperature increase is necessary to consult a doctor to determine the cause of this phenomenon, which can be caused by various factors.
temperature increase to 37,3oS in the absence of colds is legal within the normal range at the initial stage of childbearing may be related to changes in the female hormonal system.Beginning with the first week of pregnancy, the placenta allocates a large amount of progesterone that can raise body temperature. temperature during pregnancy can rise and excessive dryness of the air in the room.Therefore, the room should be aired regularly, avoiding additional prostyvaniya on skvoznyake.V hot season fever can be caused by long-term presence in direct sunlight, heat stroke.In this connection, it is recommended to walk in the summer more than teni.Odnako if the temperature rises a
bove the figure 37,5oS and thus appears at least one of the symptoms of the common cold (stuffy nose, cough, fatigue), the urgent need to take certain measures in order to avoid serious complicationsHealth as a pregnant women and unborn baby.After the high temperature in this case may indicate a viral infection or exacerbation of existing chronic diseases.In order to establish an accurate diagnosis will require blood tests (general and biochemical analysis) that will quickly identify the source of rising temperatures and immediately arrange for its removal, and protection of the body in ways tselom.Osnovnymi reduce the temperature in pregnant women are especially folk remedies notassociated with drugs.These include the onion and garlic inhalation, drinking plenty of fluids (herbal teas, cranberry or cranberry juice, etc.), gargle with infusions of herbs and others. Useful intake of essential vitamins and mineral complexes.But if traditional medicine does not help to bring down the temperature for several hours, with reference to the doctor should not be tightened.Self-medication with drugs is strictly prohibited.

Tip 2: What is body temperature in pregnant

body temperature - one of the main signal of the changes in the human body.During pregnancy a woman's body is undergoing significant transformations due to which body temperature can rise or fall.Not always changes in temperature during pregnancy are cause for concern.
temperature during pregnancy
In the first trimester of pregnancy in women is usually observed low-grade fever (37-37,5 ° C).During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are such indicators are normal, so expectant mothers do not need to be afraid of a slight rise in temperature.It is easy to explain: the body adjusts to the hormonal changes in the blood levels of progesterone, which in turn leads to an increase in temperature.Also, the physiological temperature jump is a partial consequence of immunosuppression.Immunity pregnant woman slightly weakened in the first trimester, so the body does not reject the fetus, considered a foreign body.By the second trimester of temperature readings usually come back to normal.
When you need to start worrying?If the temperature of a pregnant woman is raised to 38 ° C and above, you should consult your doctor immediately.The body of the future mother is very vulnerable and at risk of developing infections that can harm the fetus.The strong rise in temperature - a danger signal, and an occasion to be examined to identify the source of sickness.Put off a visit to the doctor is not necessary, especially if suspicious symptoms of the disease in the first trimester of pregnancy.High temperatures in early pregnancy can lead to serious disturbances in the development of the central nervous system of the fetus.In the later stages of these symptoms may provoke a detachment of the placenta and endanger the life of the unborn child.
also suspicious signal is a sharp decline in body temperature up to 36,3 ° C and lower in the first trimester.This symptom is an indirect sign of threatened abortion, or may indicate the presence of endocrine diseases.Sometimes low temperature is a consequence of beriberi, but it is not necessary to drink vitamins without consulting a doctor.Only a doctor can determine the lack of nutrients in the body of the future mother, and assign the appropriate vitamin and mineral complex.
Helpful Hint
Shoot down the heat folk remedies or habitual use of drugs during pregnancy home kit is not recommended.For the treatment should consult a doctor: not all funds from the high temperature safe for the mother and her baby.The only valid preparation that allows to bring down the high temperature during pregnancy is acetaminophen, however, should not take it without first consulting your doctor.
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