From the viewpoint of pharmaceutical science, "glycine" is a preparation which is based on one of the amino acid - glycine, also known aminoetanovoy.Similar acids produced by the human body using the liver, however, if their number is insufficient, the situation can be corrected by receiving the desired substance in the tablets.

Action "Glycine»

pharmaceutical effect of glycine is based on the fact that it contains an amino acid affects the operation of one of the most important parts of the human brain - the pituitary gland.As a result.brain improved metabolic processes, which, in turn, leads to general antidepressant effects on the body.

an appointment "Glycine" the doctor may in various cases.For example, a group of common indications for its re
ception includes a variety of stressful situations that entail the occurrence of adverse effects, such as insomnia, depression, irritability, decreased performance, and others.However, this drug can be assigned to both adults and children, such as the manifestation of their aggressiveness or antisocial behavior symptoms.

However, apart from eliminating the common symptoms, which are to some extent inherent in virtually every modern man, "Glycine" can be used as a drug in the complex therapy in the treatment of more serious diseases.For example, it is used in the treatment of neuroses of various etiologies, as well as the consequences neuroinfections, craniocerebral injury, and even strokes.

Side Effects "Glycine»

As with any drug, receiving "Glycine" may lead to the emergence of some unpleasant consequences, usually called side effects.However, because the action of "Glycine" is based on its content of amino acids that is identical to that produced by the human body alone, nature and intensity of these side effects can be called minimal.

example, the instructions for use of the drug contains references only one chance of side effects from taking it - you have allergic reactions, which may be a consequence of individual intolerance of the main or auxiliary components included in its composition.Furthermore, an additional effect when taking "Glycine" is that it reduces the intensity of the unpleasant side effects of other drugs that affect the nervous system.