Tip 1: How to get rid of lice effectively

Unfortunately, lice can occur in any person, regardless of cleanliness and personal hygiene.These small blood-sucking insects make to human discomfort and deprive him of confidence.If you are faced with such unpleasant problem, you should not panic.There are several ways to get rid of parasites.
lice prefer to live in the man's clothing, hiding in the seams.Get rid of this type of lice is difficult, but possible.Using chemicals to kill insects disinfect linens, clothing, furniture, carpets and room.Clothing and bedding, tools processed, put into large bags and tie.After 3-5 hours, all boil or wash thoroughly.Clean clothes hang in the fresh air for a few days, after which it or iron it with a steam jet.Furniture and space vacuum thoroughly with a fine nozzle of a vacuum cleaner.Remove the vacuum cleaner dust bag, put it in a bag, tie and discard.Wipe all the cabinets and drawers.
Pubic lice (ploschitsy) hit the pubic and groin area, causing severe itching in the genital area.Get
rid of this type of lice easily.Buy in a drugstore remedy for pubic lice, dilute it with water according to the instructions and apply to the affected areas.Full shaving of hair on the intimate parts of the body will also help get rid of lice.Wash all the underwear and bed linen and towels.Vacuum the bed and wash the floor in the apartment.
most common type of lice - a head.They live and breed in human hair.Print them pretty hard, especially if you have long, thick hair.But do not use the advice of grandmothers, turpentine processing head, dichlorvos and other harmful substances.Purchase in a drugstore remedy for lice.Almost all the funds are similar in their effect, so do not necessarily buy the most expensive and well-known.Purchase means in the form of a cream or ointment, since they are easy to use.Clearly follow the instructions.Once you have processed and washed their hair, you should get rid of the nits, since they are not always washed away shampoos.Divide hair into a few strands and carefully comb through each.Use a fine-toothed comb.Comb hair over a sheet of white paper so you can see whether or not fall nits.If you are not sure that all the nits are removed, every day for a week rub into the scalp mashed cranberries.The acidic environment will kill the lice born.

Tip 2: How to get rid of lice

Many believe that the presence of lice - this is the problem of homeless people and a normal person this disease can not be.However, it is not.Head lice can be transmitted anywhere, such as in public transport.Therefore it is necessary to know how to deal with them.
How to get rid of lice
you need
  • - garlic juice;
  • - cranberry juice;
  • - honey;
  • - cabbage juice;
  • - a decoction of the roots of elecampane, tobacco or lavender.
If you notice at the lice, you can try to start a comb them.To do this, you need to comb your hair comb with very frequent teeth.This should be done on a clean sheet of white color, which then need to be boiled.Remove the lice eggs from the hair with his hands.Then rinse the hair with a solution of acetic acid 5% and once again comb out lice and nits on white sheet.These actions should be performed at least three times per day.Clothing and bedding of the patient must necessarily be boiled and ironed on both sides.
If not help a simple comb, you can take advantage of some popular recipes to get rid of lice.Good result gives garlic or cranberry juice, which you want to spread the roots and the hair of the patient, an hour means you need to wash clean with water and shampoo.
Prepare a special mask for hair: Mix equal amounts of honey and the juice of cabbage.This means you need to put on your hair, wrap head with polyethylene, and an hour rinse with water.
When lice shampoo basins need to use a decoction of the roots of elecampane, tobacco or lavender.These plants detrimental effect on the lice.
If such actions are not able to get rid of lice, you can try medication.Pharmacies can meet a wide range of protivopedikuleznyh products - it's all sorts shampoos, gels, ointments.Choose the tool that optimally suited to your hair type.All pharmaceutical drugs have instructions that must be carefully followed in order to achieve the desired effect.After applying means for preventing poisoning need to wash your hands thoroughly.
Do not use for the treatment of lice kerosene, dust, dichlorvos and other chemicals.These agents can cause irreparable damage to health.
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