You can clean the kidneys using the apple peel.For this to dry it, erase in a powder.In a glass of water dilute a tablespoon rubbed drugs.Take 3 times a day for 1-2 months.This drink can be used for preventive purposes.
Output sand mixture of carrot, beet and cucumber juices.To do this, mix half a cup of juice aforementioned.Take 3 times a den.Mozhno 2 tbspgrated carrots, pour a glass of milk, boil for 5 minutes and cool.Take 15 minutes before meals for 1 tablespoonKeep refrigerated.
well helps to remove the sand from the kidneys oats.To prepare, take 3 cups oats neprotravlennogo and fill 4 liters of cold water.Insist day.Then bring the infusion to a boil, simmer 15 minutes, add 3 tbspdried horsetail and boil all 15 minutes.Leave the infusion for 45 minutes, then strain.S
imultaneously with the start of infusion brew a liter of boiling water cup crushed hips.Infusion take half a cup 3 times a day, and rosehip drink instead vody.Pochki can also be purified diet with oatmeal.To make jelly, rinse oats husk, pour it into a thermos, pour boiling water and leave for 12 hours.Then steamed oats rub through a sieve.The resulting mass is to eat breakfast without salt and sugar.During the day, eat only fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.Drink fresh juices and herbal infusions.You can afford a little honey.Diet observe the first month once a week, for the second month - once every two weeks, the third month - once.To prevent dietary spend the day on a quarterly basis.
help to cope with the sand in the kidney sunflower.In autumn, when the sunflowers will be removed, dig the roots, remove the small roots and break the roots to the size of the beans.Pour 250 g of raw 3 liters of boiling water and boil for 1-2 minutes.Then remove from heat, let cool and strain.This is the number of infusion drink in 2-3 days.From the diet at this time, remove the vinegar, fatty and spicy dishes.The infusion brew and drink as long as urine does not become transparent, but at least mesyatsa.Portsiyu roots can be used up to 6 times, but cooking time must be increased by 5 minutes each time.
good conclusion sand broth of parsley.For its preparation plant with the root wash, add 1 kg of celery and chop everything.Pour mixture liter of water and boil.Add 0.5 kg of honey and leave for 2 all day.Then put another 0.5 kg of honey, pour a liter of water and bring to a boil all.The resulting broth, strain and drink warm 3 times a day for 3 tablespoonsuntil complete release of sand.Keep the drug in the refrigerator.