If you have a pain in the bite of food, it is possible that you have a cyst or granuloma.Be sure to consult a doctor who will prescribe an X-ray of the tooth and subsequent treatment.Automatically detects the tooth granuloma is difficult, because it will not differ from the healthy, and gums may also look normal.But when colds, heavy load or cold stress granuloma is activated, and then the whole body will suffer.Increase the body temperature, napuhnut lymph nodes, headaches begin, there will be a flux.
checkups at least once in six months, because the sooner find a granuloma, the faster it will heal.Check carefully those teeth that you have long been sea
led up or those that are hidden under the crowns.
In dentistry used many methods for the treatment of granuloma.The most common cystectomy is considered.This operational method, in which the doctor removes part of the granules and damaged tooth root.This method is considered to be sufficiently reliable and efficient conduct such an operation although the strength is not each expert.
you can ask that you treat granuloma new method - using depoforeza.The doctor enters into the root canal and creates a special kind of substance depot.Under the influence of the weak current is moved substance penetrates into granules, destroying bacteria and damaged tissue cells.After a few sessions of the tooth cream, and the remaining material continues its healing effect.
The easiest way to get rid of a tooth granuloma - is to remove it and thoroughly clean the gums.Doctors did so many years, and today employ such methods of treatment that contribute to teeth.
It happens that on the background of frequent medication or due to infection appear granulomas in the liver, which pass themselves disappear when the underlying disease.However, professional help is necessary to address, otherwise you can increase the spleen or any bleeding from varicose veins of the intestine and stomach.