Tip 1: Why can not I buy Codelac and Pentalgin without prescription

On June 1, 2012 on the whole territory of Russia is prohibited free sale of drugs, which include codeine.Now buy "Codelac", "Pentalgin-H", "Solpadein" and some other pills and potions can only be on a special recipe of the attending physician.Restrictive measure initiated by the Federal Drug Control Service and secured by RF Government.

Chemical Codeine belongs to a group of alkaloids.It is contained in opium or synthesized from morphine.Codeine can reduce headache or toothache and suppress non-productive cough.In contrast to the morphine alkaloid practically difficult breathing and the gastrointestinal tract.Therefore, its use in pharmaceuticals for the manufacture of a combined analgesic and antitussive drugs.Codeine complementary non-narcotic analgesics such drugs as "Terpinkod", "kodterpin", "Kodelmikst", "sedan-M", "Codelac", "Kodesan", "Solpadein", "sedalgin", "Kofeks", "Kaffetin""Nurofen Plus" and others.

However, as with any opiate, codeine has a strong narcotic effect.In high doses it p
rovokes the emergence of euphoria.The list of adverse effects arising from the use of codeine drugs is vast: dry mouth, pain in the stomach and intestines, nausea, drowsiness, or irritability, nervousness, ringing in the ears, decreased coordination, arrhythmia, and more.Exceeding the safe doses causes severe poisoning, in which the patient may fall into a coma.And even permissible amount of codeine, took a long time, makes a person physically dependent on opiates.

Special hazards selling OTC medicines with opiates that are artisanal addicts made desomorphine called in the jargon "crocodile."Just a few tablets with codeine dose sufficient to obtain hard drugs, addiction to which comes from the first use.In a very short period of time at dezomorfinovogo addict on your hands and feet are formed deep and unhealed sores.Painful death occurs within a year, a maximum of two from the beginning of use.Unfortunately, cheap and easily accessible "crocodile" quickly spread among the youth.

Government of the Russian Federation and Gosnarkontrol believe that the withdrawal of codeine preparations from the free sale will help reduce dezomorfinovoy addiction.With opiate drugs continue to be prescribed to patients doctor strictly on the testimony.The patient will receive a prescription special form that submits a pharmacy.Re-buy medicine for the same medical prescription is impossible.After issuing a prescription drug it remains in the pharmacy and kept for several years.

people accustomed to treat cough "Codelac" and remove the headache "Pentalgin N", you must see a doctor.If necessary, the doctor will write a prescription or advise an adequate replacement codeine medication.Lack of the latter is not expected.Leading pharmaceutical companies have patented pain relievers and cold preparations without opiates and started their mass production.

Tip 2: Why can not buy without a prescription Pentalgin

On 1 June 2012 on the whole territory of Russia is prohibited free sale of drugs such as "Pentalgin", "Kaffetin", "Solpadein"and others. These measures are aimed at realization of the project of the Government of the Russian Federation in the fight against drug addiction.
Why not buy without a prescription Pentalgin

According to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation №599 from 20 July 2011 "On measures of control in respect of products which contain small quantities of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors included in the list of narcoticdrugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors subject to control in the Russian Federation ", all medicines containing codeine is a part of (or its salt), with June 1, 2012 on the territory of the country will be sold only by prescription.Under the law includes all formulations containing codeine (or a salt thereof) per 20 mg per one dosage, or solid dosage form of 200 mg per 100 ml of the liquid formulation.

initiators of the proposal in 2011, made a number of Russian regions.However, at the time the decision to ban OTC codeine preparations postponed.Ural Federal District, Southern Federal District, Tatarstan and other regions by the internal regulations already in the autumn of 2011 limited the number of units of products sold per customer, or completely transferred sale codeine prescription drugs.

reason for the introduction of prescription codeine drugs served as a fact of manufacturing of persons suffering from drug addiction, a special kind of hard drugs.Doctors call it desomorphine, drug addicts, he was called "the crocodile".Its use quickly leads to addiction, as well as deep ulcers at the injection site, peeling skin, crocodile-like scales, and, eventually, death.

desomorphine is the second in the ranking of use and is second only to heroin.Meanwhile, its cost is much lower.

In connection with the introduction of the sale of prescription codeine drugs, such as "Pentalgin", "Kaffetin", "Solpadein", "Nurofen Plus" et al., Significantly reduced the volume of their implementation.Along with this, there is a positive trend in offenses involving the manufacture and trafficking of desomorphine.

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