Preparing for injection

Dilute the drug immediately before use, storage diluted antibiotic is not allowed.For dilutions, sterile water for injection, physiological saline solution in ampoules or 0.25-0.5% novocaine solution.In the latter case the pain by anesthetic effect novocaine will be less pronounced.Do not use a cold solution for breeding.It is better to warm the vial in his hands for 5-8 minutes.

for the introduction of "Bitsillin" need to use syringes with long needles.Just need sterile needles, individually packed, as the drug is diluted, using a needle and injected it is another.This is due to the fact that the drug is rapidly crystallize and ca
n clog the needle.

Dilution preparation and implementation of its vnuturimyshechno

necessary to wash your hands, rub the vial with the solvent alcohol swab, open the vial, 5 ml of solvent type.Wipe the vial stopper at the site of the needle, insert the needle gently and slowly pushing the plunger of the syringe to introduce fluid.Not pulling the syringe quickly shake component, after complete mixing turn the bottle cap down, pull the syringe barrel to just touch the liquid end of the needle and dial the required number of antibiotic.The dose calculated in terms of health and may vary depending on the type of disease and the age of patient.

After drug recruited into the syringe must be replaced with a new sterile needle and immediately introduce the drug into the gluteal muscle, in its upper outer square.The needle is inserted as deeply as possible, leaving about 0.5-1 cm to the cannula, "Bitsillin" injected slowly and smoothly.Recent 0.1-0.2 mL are not introduced to prevent accidental entry of air into the muscle.If the drug is crystallized during the introduction, you must remove the needle, dilute the new dose of the drug and the drug re-enter.

Before the introduction of "Bitsillin" skin on the tummy rubbed alcohol wipe, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.It is recommended to wear sterile gloves during the injection in order to prevent the risk of infection.

Injection put alternately in each buttock to reduce the likelihood of painful bumps.After injection, the used syringe and ampoule utilized better to put syringe disassembled syringe and needle in a disinfectant solution for one hour, for example, in liquid chlorine bleach.It is recommended to break or bend the needle to the children, who found a syringe accident, could not harm them yourself.