1. main parameter in the procedure of the treatment of alcoholism is considered an alcoholic psychological support his family.The desire to help relatives should not be reduced to the pressure on the patient.Everyone loved one must be strong nerves and an enormous willpower, combined with patience, to go all the way to recovery, along with the sick and cure alcoholism.

  2. Elementary inducement to coding from alcoholism should not be.The alcoholic himself must realize the importance of coding procedures, to realize that it is necessary, first of all, himself.If to force a man to cure alcoholism, according to the facts of the statistics, after the completion time of coding, the alcoholic returns to drinking.Unobtrusively relative need and a
    vailable to explain to the patient the benefit of coding, and the effects of heavy drinking alcohol disappointing data in the country.

  3. Many clinics do not code for a person if he could not refrain from alcohol for 3 - 5 days.How to make an alcoholic stop drinking?First, you must ask for insistently to leave the house of friends with whom the patient drinks, limit his visits with them.If you can not withdraw from the alcoholic binge, you can invite home the psychiatrist who conducted the appropriate procedures will stop drinking.After three days of abstinence should be as soon as possible to send to the clinic for a large coding, so he changed his mind and started drinking again.

  4. After encoding, the family members should monitor and your drink.You must strictly monitor the amount of alcohol in the house.Keep in mind that the kind of alcoholic beverage can return to the patient his addiction.

  5. It should take its time drinking from a patient in any hobby - a visit to the cinema, collecting, sports.Attention, affection and support are important alcohol addicted at the time of his rehabilitation.

try to bring an alcoholic binge and code from its dependence - a common effort of all family members.These simple tips will help you keep the family returned to its bosom a healthy person and a patient - get rid of alcohol addiction.