Despite the fact that the cough can be very painful and time-consuming, not always require the appointment of an antibiotic.However, modern doctors prescribe such a strong drug regularly.Studies have also shown that antibiotic treatment of cough should be a very good reason.

rules to be followed, prescribe antibiotics for coughs

First of all, you need to follow the following rule - the appointment of antibiotics have to be justified.This is due to the fact that the full name of antibiotic treatment stands for antibiotic therapy.This means that the antibiotics are
effective only if the pathogen - bacteria.Accordingly, they need to be taken only in cases where the patient has:
- bacterial bronchitis;
- bacterial pneumonia;
- bacterial pneumonia;
- bacterial tracheitis.
confirm this diagnosis is almost impossible to face.To accurately determine the cause is usually more research is needed, such as x-rays or swabs from the mouth.

should be understood that if the disease is causing the cough, viral, is the use of antibiotics will not.Also it is necessary to consider the fact that there is a disease characterized by including cough, but which have no relationship to the lungs - heart disease, high toxicity, etc.

Another rule states that the antibiotic must be chosen wisely.Today there is a huge amount of drugs that act on those or other pathogens, working in different regions of the lungs, and others. In addition, a person is usually increased sensitivity to certain groups of products and perfect insensitivity to others.Naturally, in the first case, the drug will be effective in the second did not work at all.So before you start taking an antibiotic, it is desirable to be tested for sensitivity to the drug.
If the disease is clearly a bacterial nature, and the doctor and the opportunity to be tested there, you can start receiving broad-spectrum antibiotic.

And, of course, need to take an antibiotic by certain rules.Usually it is prescribed for a week.But it often happens that a person starts to drink the medicine, on the third day it becomes easier, and he decides to stop treatment.So, you should not do - in the case of adults, let alone children.The reason is that while taking the drug in the blood builds up the necessary concentration for a successful fight against bacteria.If you interrupt the course of treatment will not be brought to an end, germs and bacteria will not completely destroyed.This means that the sensitivity to the drug in a patient would be reduced, and the next time it is simply not going to help.

What antibiotics are usually prescribed

As acknowledged by experts as effective as antibacterial drugs for coughs are antibiotics of penicillin group.Typically, most of the prescribed Augmentin.This drug is one of the most safe and suitable even for the treatment of children.

Another popular drug - it amoksiklav.It also is widely and commonly used for the treatment of both adults and children.Demand and success, due to its relatively high medicinal properties.

As to the form of release of the drug, it can be of several types.Adults tend to produce pills, drink that should be strictly according to instructions.Babies are usually given suspension.It has a pleasant sweet taste and adopted child is much better than if you crush the tablet and mix it with water.

What should be taken into account by taking an antibiotic

taking antibiotics, be sure to keep in mind that you must drink with him drugs, the recovery of the intestinal flora, antibiotic strongly influences her.