Be sure to consult your doctor.No matter what purpose you are going to take these drugs.Let it be simple and oral contraceptives.All the same, they must appoint an expert only.
Before prescribe hormone as a therapy, the physician should conduct a full examination.It typically includes a blood test, it is desirable biochemical, urinalysis, ECG, etc.The ideal is to hand over the analysis on hormones and to understand that it is better to adjust.
also must undergo a breast examination of the patient.It is no secret that the wrong administration of drugs can lead to breast cancer.If women had any tumors, hormone therapy can not be applied.
If you are going to take hormones as a contraceptive, follow a proven scheme.To begin receiving the drug should be 1 day of menstruation.At the latest - on the second day.Some drugs can start the course and the 5th day, but the effect can be in this situation is not quick and have some time to additionally use a barrier contraceptive.
Next, you need to drink one tablet a day about the same time interval.The main thing is not to allow passage of the drug by more than 12 hours.In this case, the effect of the drug is reduced and the risk of unplanned pregnancies is significantly increased.
The blister is the number of tablets, enough for 1 month.Usually here included and placebo tablets that lead to bleeding position.Once all the pills are drunk immediately, without interruption, proceed to the next package.
As for hormonal pills for medicinal purposes, such as to correct the thyroid gland, they should be taken strictly according to the schemes, the prescribed.Such schemes are individual and are prepared for each specific case and, in certain dosages.