accepted that such a specific problem as helminth infections may be relevant only for children who are mouthing dirty hands, as well as for the homeless and other marginalized.Unfortunately, it is not.Immunity of a person is not strong enough to deal with is ingested with poorly washed greens or underdone meat with eggs and larvae of worms.How to cure intestinal worms in an adult?

Medicines round worms in humans

most common nematode - roundworm, which are easy to catch - is similar to the thread trimming pinworm and roundworm resemble earthworms.And those and others can be found in the contents of a person on their own toilet after a bowel movement.No need to panic - they are treated quite easily.

most effective against round worms drugs - it Nemozol, Worm, Dekaris, Vermoxum and Pyrantel.All these medicines are paralyzing the adult worms, and then dissolve them.This is important for sensitive people who are afraid to see the awful emerged from their hearts.

Medicines belt and flat worms in humans

Tapeworms - bovine and pork tapeworm and Echinococcus and anaconda include helminths - a tapeworm, which can reach a length of 15 meters or more - are treated only under medical supervision.Flat worms, the most common among them - opisthorchis also expelled in a hospital.Drugs that are commonly used in the event of serious helminthisms - it biltricid, fenasal and Azinoks.All of these drugs are very toxic, so the dose is calculated doctor-parasitologist, depending on the patient's weight.Quite often the need to maintain the patient therapy, for example with a dropper, so for several days, he is in the hospital.

actually prevent re-infection is simple enough.Wash your hands before eating, rinse thoroughly with vegetables and herbs, good heat treated meat and fish, and avoid the use of questionable meals in catering, and then the problem will not affect you helminthiasis.