you need
  • -obsledovanie gynecologist
  • -obsledovanie oncologist
  • -obsledovanie endocrinologist
  • -obsledovanie the therapist
  • -UZI breast
  • -mammografiya
  • -General analyzes
  • -Analysis on hormones
  • -obsledovanie internal organs
  • -mnogochislennye repeated surveys
  • -treatment underlying disease
  • -naznachennoe treatment of fibrocystic breast
  • -vitamin-mineral complexes
  • -dieta
  • -Health lifestyle
mainly breast affects women of childbearing age and can occur immediately after birth and the end of breastfeeding.The first signs of the disease is heaviness and
pain in the chest, especially before menstruation, can be released from the nipple fluid.You may also receive other discomfort, severe premenstrual syndrome, flatulence, irritability.Pain severity and may be not only in the mammary gland, but also spread to the armpits.Women should seek medical advice immediately and apart from the designated examination she can write a referral to an oncologist.
Survey Methods include breast ultrasound, mammography, general tests, tests on the hormonal status, checking the thyroid gland, screening for diabetes, liver ultrasound and internal organs, a full gynecological examination.Based on the survey results the doctor prescribes medication to reduce the symptoms of fibrocystic breast and treatment of the underlying disease, which could provoke her
particular drug for the treatment of fibrocystic breast there.Appointed by a variety of herbal, vitamin and mineral therapy, strengthening the general immunity, drugs that normalize the levels of certain hormones, if there are indications.In some cases, appointed diuretics and painkillers.
Along with prescription medication woman must lead a healthy lifestyle, give up smoking, alcohol, stick to a low calorie vegetable and fruit diet, eat a lot of greens such as parsley.
also need to take a systematic re-examination and go to a gynecologist and oncologist.