Common ear disease - otitis it.The main reason for diseases of the ear - it's cold.The main symptoms of otitis media: hearing loss, ear pain, and sometimes discharge from the ear.Ear infections affect the outer, middle or inner ear.

treatment of uncomplicated infectious inflammation of the outer ear can be practiced at home with the help of painkillers and antipyretics.Doctor can call for more consultation.Treat ear should start immediately as soon as the warning signs to avoid complications.Better, of course, consult your doctor.Uncomplicated otitis externa treated with warming compresses, gauze, introduced into the external ear preimpregnated with 70% alcohol, UHF.If a strong inflammation of the ear, if fever, antibiotics are used.

Diseases of middle ear infections

occur after respiratory diseases, mainly in spring and autumn.If left untreated middle ear infections, it may cause deafness.They are treated with antibiotics, antiseptics and warmings.When the temperature is necessary to apply appropriate antipyretic drugs.If there is unbearable pain in the ear, it is possible to drip alcohol, pre-heating it.When otitis media need to comply with bed rest.

If an abscess in his ear, then appointed his autopsy.When slipped abscess, ear must be washed with a solution of boric acid or sodium furatsillina.

Infectious diseases of the inner ear are rare.But they are much harder to occur.Very dangerous implications - CNS (meningitis).

often in the ears are formed cerumen.In this case, you can use folk remedy three times a day in the ear to bury a few drops of hot oil.Then rinse the ear using a syringe.

For the prevention of diseases of the ear should be in accordance with the rules of personal hygiene.Ears can not be cleaned by conventional cotton buds, while they can be inadvertently damaged.To purify sufficient to remove sulfur to a depth of about 1 cm in the bore of the outer ear.You also need to protect the ears from water, as moist environment promotes infection.