you need
  • - recommendations otolaryngologist;
  • - complex treatment;
  • - maintenance therapy.
You should just tune in to what the treatment will be prolonged and systematic, as with any chronic disease can achieve a period of stable remission during the combined treatment and maintenance therapy to reduce the number of relapsesacute purulent tonsillitis and adversely affect the general health status and acting on the cardiovascular system.
treatment should take place under the supervision of a physician and otolaryngologist with his direct participation.The most effective
form of treatment to achieve a stable remission period - is receiving macrolide antibiotics, which may appoint a doctor and washing machine in the gaps in a health institution.
doctor will prescribe a course washing gaps.The procedure consists of washing the resulting holes and injecting them into the therapeutic composition.The course of therapy may be from 10 to 15 washings.All patients benefit from this type of treatment, noted the decrease in the number of relapses.Depending on the severity of the disease doctor will pass the wash procedure from 2 to 6 times a year.
At home, you can use the rinse daily infusions or herbal, chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus, sage, as well as pharmaceuticals, chlorhexidine, furatsilinom, brine, sodium and iodine.Every morning and evening gargle mouthwash.
Cure foci of chronic infection, teeth, gastrointestinal diseases.As a physician, you can take medications that strengthen the immune system, interfere with their own immune system is strictly contraindicated.
Also, your doctor may prescribe a term vitamin therapy, physiotherapy, inhalation on the device in the clinic.
An integrated approach to the treatment of chronic angina allows you to achieve positive results, reduce relapse, reduce tonsils and avoid surgery.