Preventive courses against worms is best done in the fall before frost and spring after the snow melts.Doctors recommend the use of a comprehensive prevention of two anthelmintic.First, should once drink product based on the active agent - levamisole, it weakens the worms.Three days after the second reception should drink antiparasitic agent to main components such as mebendazole, and albendazole.The effectiveness of the integrated rate is 2-3 times higher than in monoprofilaktiki.
«Dekaris" - based anthelmintic levamisole.It causes paralysis of the muscles of worms and violates their bioenergetic processes.Paralyzed parasites removed from the body peristalsis during the day.The drug is used once in the evening after a
meal with a large amount of water.When you receive a "dekaris" contra-drink alcoholic beverages, as the interaction of two substances can cause vomiting, stomach cramps and shortness of breath.The average price in pharmacies - 75 p.
the prevention and treatment of worms is very good, "Worm."The active substance of antiparasitic agents - albendazole."Worm" effectively acts as adult worms and their eggs and larvae.It violates the helminth metabolism, thus dooming it to failure.The dosage must appoint a physician.Tablets should be chewed before use.Price "Worm" varies from 150 rubles.Analogy is "Nemozol" and "Gelmadol."
also used for the prevention of anthelmintic "Vermoxum" on the basis of mebendazole.It depletes tissue glycogen worms, causes a disturbance in glucose utilization and inhibits cellular synthesis.Most effective when trihotsefaleze and enterobioze.Such drugs as "Vermakar", "Vormin", "Mebeks" is also available with an active substance and mebendazole are for preventive courses.
«Pyrantel" - a sedative on the basis of the active ingredient pyrantel.Do not use this in conjunction with other anthelmintics.It should be used with caution in hepatic failure.The drug causes paralysis of the muscles at the worms and provides them with expulsion from the body.Dosage is calculated physician, depending on the body weight and age of the patient.To prevent the disease should strictly observe the rules of hygiene.