you need
  • - chamomile, lime, bloodroot goose, walnut leaves, oak bark;
  • - Ā«Rotokan";
  • - fine salt, honey;
  • - aloe juice;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - garlic;
  • - gel "Metrogil-dent."
Rinse your mouth herbal infusions.Pick the collection of the herbs that are approved for use during pregnancy - chamomile, lime flowers infusion, decoction of herbs Potentilla goose, walnut leaves, etc.A decoction of oak bark is used for bleeding gums - bark mix with lime color (2: 1) and leave in a cup of boiling water.Rinsing the mouth with such a solution requires two or three times per day.From the finished products can be used "Rotokan" - throws it in the water (a glass of water one teaspoon of the solution), and watered the mouth after every meal.Rinse
can stop bleeding and relieve pain.
Strengthen different massaging the gums - a fine mix the salt and honey (4: 1), wait for the dissolution of the granules and process gums circular motions, moistened as part of a finger, wrapped with gauze.Antiseptic has aloe juice - cut fresh leaves, chop and squeeze the juice.Lubricate gums lemon juice, but try to exclude them from getting to the tooth enamel - a cotton swab or a soft brush dipped in the juice, massage gums twice a day.If you love garlic, then chew on one small clove each day - need to chew long and hard to healthful juice got on the gums .From drugs to rubbing the gums can use gel "Metrogil-dent."
balanced diet during pregnancy help solve the problems of the gums and teeth - the food should be fortified.Eat hard vegetables and fruits (apples, pears, carrots, cucumbers, etc.), which not only saturate the body with vitamins, but also provide massage gums.To reduce bleeding gums should be regularly eat citrus fruits, because they contain phosphorus, vitamin C, potassium and calcium contribute to the healing of minor wounds and strengthen the walls of small blood vessels.Fresh greens, especially onions and parsley, strengthens the gums, so add them to the dish.
If problems with the gums cause significant discomfort and home remedies do not help, see your dentist, who will pick up harmless drugs and produce dental health.