determine the time of pregnancy date of LMP.The number of weeks that have passed since that day will be equal to the medical term pregnancy .Date of birth of this method is determined by increments of 280 days or 40 weeks to the start date of the last menstrual period.
can calculate the period of pregnancy date of conception or ovulation.Add to this date two weeks.Term of delivery of this method is calculated as follows: add to the date of ovulation 38 weeks or subtract 3 months and 7 days.
Determination term pregnancy performed by bimanual vaginal examination.Obstetrician-gynecologist at survey determines the size of the uterus, each te
rm corresponds to the definition of its magnitude.By the 14th week of pregnancy bottom of the uterus palpable above the pubic symphysis.After 18 weeks, the height of standing uterus define above the vagina with a tape.Number centimeters corresponds to the period of pregnancy week.
Term pregnancy measured on ultrasound.In carrying out this diagnostic method measure the distance from the top of the head of the fetus to the sacrum and coccyx-rump length.Then compared the data with the regulations, correspond to certain sizes term m pregnancy .The most accurate this method is in the first trimester of pregnancy .In the future, the size of the fruit vary and depend on the individual characteristics and the nature of the current pregnancy .Ultrasonography can be calculated and estimated fetal weight.Such information is necessary to select the method of delivery and reducing the number of complications in childbirth.
Term pregnancy until the ultrasound was considered the first fetal movements.Nulliparous women were beginning to feel the movement of the child with 19-20 weeks of pregnancy , and multiparous - to 17-18.Currently, this method is not informative.
Term pregnancy of each method may be slightly different, so ultimately it is calculated by adding up all the data and obtain an average value.