Reasons deficit

main reason that potassium permanganate became available to the public - is making it to the list of "prohibited substances".It happened in 2007, as evidenced by the special decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.Many people mistakenly believe that the famous drug completely banned for production.

But in fact it is not.The fact that the release of potassium permang
anate simply reduced to a large extent, and it is sold in pharmacies by prescription only began.That is why buy it at the moment is very difficult.Most of the population is not sufficient for such a decision.Since ancient times, the crystals of potassium permanganate diluted in water and used for medicinal purposes.

is believed that the reason for the ban free sale of potassium permanganate is a special program of the Government, which is designed to fight the questionable methods of self-medication.In fact, such a conclusion has no basis and is not officially confirmed any one source.In addition, such a program is not there.Some experts criticize the modern popularity of potassium permanganate, offering to replace it with drugs such as, for example, antiseptic cream "Rozamet."

Some pharmacies refused to implement on their own potassium permanganate.The reason for this decision is simple.In accordance with some modifications, in largely tightened storage requirements of the drug.

Now pharmacies must not only comply with the new rules, but also to equip their premises with special equipment.Of course, this is due to the costs and allocation of separate areas for its installation.Most pharmacy items such actions are not feasible.For example, due to lack of floor space. most common way to use potassium permanganate - bathing newborns.Now, young mothers have to look for an alternative to the well-known antiseptic, using sea salt or herbs.

special properties of manganese

Reasons for limiting the release of potassium permanganate, there are several.One of the properties of purple granules is explosive power.The main component of this drug - potassium salt.This substance is able to heat up and ignite, thereby forming the effect of the explosion.It is believed that from potassium permanganate can be explosive at home.

worth noting that the explosive chemical reactions can occur under natural conditions, for example, if you do not comply with the conditions of storage of the drug.Self-heating of the granules can occur even at room temperature.

According to the Government of the Russian Federation explosive ability of potassium permanganate, may be exploited for terrorist purposes.The basis for this conclusion is conducting experiments.The crystals of potassium permanganate explode by friction of particles of all metals. If you keep stocks of potassium permanganate, pay attention to the shelf life of the drug and never disturb the storage conditions specified on the package.

second reason to limit the release of potassium permanganate is considered to be entering in the list of "prekursosov."Such substances are used for production of drugs in the home.The most famous of this type of drug - "Screw."