politically expedient mixture used as a means of rescue at high temperature and as an anesthetic quick action.Unique combination of an antihistamine and analgesic with vasodilators reduces the temperature to normal levels within 20-30 minutes.
If you decide to normalize the temperature of a patient by using a mixture of political, be sure to check for are hypersensitive to its components, asfound allergic to "Diphenhydramine", "Analgin" and other drugs.There are a number of contraindications to the use of lytic mixture, for example, it can not be administered to the patient at a high temperature on the background abdominal syndrome (abdominal pain of unknown character).It is also forbidden to use the lytic mixture of those patients who received analgesics during the last 4 hours.The do
sage of the components of lytic cocktail should be calculated for an adult patient individually, considering its weight, becauseintroducing a mixture of lower doses did not result in a therapeutic effect, and the maximum permissible assignments can lead to serious consequences and harm health.
As part of the political mixture of non-narcotic analgesics is recommended to use "Analgin" and its solution is always produced in 50% concentration."Analgin" has antipyretic effect, helps to stop pain that develops during inflammation and has anti-inflammatory effect on the body.For lytic cocktail using the maximum single dose - 1 g, ie2 ml of a 50% solution.The solution "Analgin" has an oily structure, so it is recommended to dial into the syringe first.
Add into the syringe antihistamine.For lytic cocktail increasingly using "Diphenhydramine".This formulation can not only neutralize the allergic reaction, which develops in response to the produced viruses and bacteria toxins, but also removes spasm of the muscle fibers.The action "Diphenhydramine" muscles relax, blood flow to the peripheral vessels is reduced, which allows a better "work" immunity.Dosing "Diphenhydramine" 10-50 mg for an adult patient, using a mixture of lytic 2-3 ampoule of 1 ml volume.If the hand you do not have "Diphenhydramine" You can use "Suprastin 'its dosage - 1-2 ml.
third component in the mixture must be political antispasmodic.From the diversity of this group of drugs, doctors prefer "papaverine" or "drotaverine."Dosage one of these drugs for adult lytic mixture is 2 ml.
After alternate set of all 3 components close the needle cap and mix the solution.To do this, gently shake the syringe 3-4 times.Next, visually check the injection site (upper outer quarter of the buttock), treat the skin with alcohol at this point and do intramuscular injection.