Today, most people turn to doctors for help, complaining of constant malaise and weakness.Even the most ordinary activity may exhaust a person and cause constant fatigue and lack of energy.Typically, fatigue can be caused by a number of specific diseases: diseases of the thyroid gland, heart, various infections, as well as mental disorders and depression.In addition, if you constantly enough sleep, fatigue can develop into a chronic form.Another cause of impotence is a vitamin deficiency, when a person loses a daily rate of essential vitamins and minerals.What vitamins should be used for people who are constantly feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

Important part

main components of vitamin complex to increase energy and performance - it's all the vitamins of group B. It is equally important for the establishment of functioning of the body folic acid, which helps normalize sleep and cause the body to tone.Often people complain of fatigue to, the body of which there is a deficiency of vitamin C, which entails not only weak but also reduction of immune functions.Also vitamin C improves concentration and increases efficiency.An important element involved in the health of the organism and fighting against its weakening, are magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron. better to take vitamins twice a year - spring and fall.It was during these periods, there is a reorganization of the body to work in the new season, which is associated with a change in temperature.

vitamins from the road to affordable

If we talk about the quality of vitamins, that at the present time the pharmaceutical market offers a huge range of vitamins, which are different composition and value.

expensive drugs contain a full range of vitamins and minerals, and also have a special area, which will help to cope with a specific task.Feedback from customers is good to cope with fatigue associated with vitamin deficiency, vitamins and minerals in soluble tablets.This "Supradin" and "Berocca Plus".Effervescent tablets are dissolved in water, and it turns a nice refreshing drink that you need to drink once a day, in the morning.Cheerfulness is enough for a whole day.Also well with fatigue vitamins "Makrovit."They are produced in the lozenge, and is positioned as a "stimulant to relieve fatigue." noticed that the intake of vitamins improves mood.People notice a burst of energy, a desire to work, irritability disappears.

Vitamin Complexes average cost also have full composition and are the best option for consumers.If we talk about a particular brand, we can recommend such a drug as "Vitatress", which increases the body's resistance to various stresses and tolerability in the physical and mental stress.Also good "Vitrum" and "Centrum".

Cheap vitamin complexes also have the right to exist, and their low cost, as a rule, due to the manufacturer.Domestic products are inferior in cost foreign manufacturers, but reviews of these vitamins is often positive.Among them, the best selling - "Komplevit", "Bio-Max", "Pentovit."