Tip 1: What can be reassuring to pregnant

Hormonal changes - one of the main causes of increased anxiety, irritability during pregnancy.Therefore, many expectant mothers during gestation kid thinking about taking sedatives.However, for women in the family way many drugs that help overcome emotional instability, not suitable.
Emotional instability is harmful not only for the pregnant woman, but also to the fetus.To cope with the mood swings, the expectant mother should consult with a doctor and choose a sedative.In no case do not try to choose the drugs on their own or on the basis of reviews, to predict the body's response to drugs is problematic.

Sedatives permitted during pregnancy

During pregnancy should avoid taking any drugs, including sedatives.But today, in the pharmacies you can find many plant-based preparations that are suitable for pregnant women.

most often during the first call to complain about the mood swings, outbursts of anger, increased anxiety and insomnia doctor prescribes to women in an interesting position herbal te
as.Drink should be in accordance with the instructions, you can choose chamomile, lime tea, lemon balm, hawthorn.Also help calm the nerves long walks.

If desired peace of mind does not come, you can take during pregnancy and valerian in the form of tablets, motherwort.These sedatives are suitable for use in the second trimester.In the first trimester it is not desirable to use a sedative drug, even if they contain herbs.

Medicinal soothing Maternity

For relatively safe sedation is "Novopassit."Its composition is dominated by grass vegetation, but need to take this medicine only after consulting a gynecologist.Maternity suits and "Persia" with Melissa, mint, valerian, which is not to be used for self-treatment.You can drink a course and "Glycine".

often as sedatives prescribed to pregnant homeopathic remedies.They are usually selected individually and require careful dosing compliance.But tranquilizers and other potent drugs expectant mothers is not recommended.

fairly safe in pregnancy aromatherapy.Good soothing lavender, citrus aromas.Avoid these procedures, if you have allergies or respiratory problems.

With increased nervousness do not forget about vitamin for pregnant women, in particular, to achieve a favorable frame of mind and help vitamin C. Observe the correct mode of the day, highlighting the sleep of 8-9 hours.

Tip 2: What can drink sedatives during pregnancy

Pregnancy is often accompanied by a state of anxiety, increased nervousness and mood swings.It is believed that it helps to cope with quiet walks in the fresh air and rest, and in most cases this is true.But there are also situations where the expectant mother simply can not control your emotional state.Is it possible in such cases to take sedatives, and some of them are allowed to drink during pregnancy?
During pregnancy should avoid taking any medicines.This rule is especially important to observe in the first trimester, during which passes an intensive process of formation of organs and systems of the child.During this period, expectant mother can be used as a sedative herbal teas.You can brew chamomile, mint, lemon balm and hawthorn or buy ready-made herbal teas that have a soothing effect.However, such abuse sedatives during pregnancy, we should not: enough to drink one or two cups of herbal tea a day.
Good soothing properties of essential oils.They can also be used in the first trimester of pregnancy, but only under the condition that the woman has no allergy and pulmonary diseases.However, essential oils for aromatherapy should be chosen carefully: some fragrances can instead of the expected calming effect only further strengthen nervousness.Universal essential oils, which have a calming effect, considered softwood oil, peppermint, orange, lemon, lavender and sandalwood.
Starting with 15-16 weeks of pregnancy as the sedation can be used motherwort or valerian.It sedatives can be taken as tablets, infusion or decoction.Valid sedatives during pregnancy are also herbal drugs such as Novo-Pass and Persia.But though they contain only herbal ingredients, drink these sedatives during pregnancy only after consultation with your doctor.In no case do not make independent decisions in favor of a drug!
during pregnancy should not take sedatives chemical origin and any strong medicine.The only drug that is supposed to apply to pregnant women to normalize the emotional background and remove hyperexcitability considered glycine.It is an amino acid that has a positive effect on the nervous system.Glycine normalizes mental state and regulates brain activity, removing sleepiness, fatigue, weakness, insomnia and increased nervous excitability.But drink this drug during pregnancy is possible only on prescription, strictly following the prescribed dosage.