you need
  • - lard interior, beeswax, fir resin, copper sulphate, the fruit of the horse chestnut;
  • - bee Podmore, wormwood, calendula officinalis;
  • - clay, mummy, onions.
The first step is to give complete rest sprains, make a pressure bandage and at imposes cold compress.
On the second or third day, you can be massaged with various ointments on medicinal herbs, alcohol compresses, mud baths.
For at prepara- ointment take 200 grams of pork suet, chopped, put in a saucepan and put on low heat, melt to produce melted fat.
Then put the pan with the fat in a water bath, place it in 100
grams of beeswax, 50 g of spruce resin, copper sulphate pinch and 10 grams of powdered horse chestnut skins.Tomita for 2 hours, and removing from heat, leave for 24 hours.
then slightly warm to the liquid and strain through a double-layer gauze.Rub the resulting ointment to the damaged ligament two or three times a day or make her a massage.
For compresses at sprains cook at the next agent.Take 3 tablespoons of bee Podmore, 2 tablespoons chopped tarragon, 3 tablespoons of chopped leaves and marigold flowers.I fall asleep components into a thermos, pour half a liter of boiling water at night.
morning filter the infusion brewed raw place on a linen napkin and put it on the affected area and covered with a compression paper, fix bandage.Top additional Insulate woolen or flannel cloth.As a compress dry, moisten it obtained filtrate.If you change let compress the skin surface to dry for an hour or two.
tensile clay are very effective application.Take half a glass ready to use clay and dilute it a liter of water in which is dissolved 2 g mummy.Then rub on a small grater head of a medium-sized onion and put in a clay mash, stir thoroughly.
then soak gauze in at prepara- mash and put it on the sore spot, fix the bandage, which further Insulate woolen cloth.After 2-3 hours (as dry clay), remove the bandage.Thoroughly rinse the cloth with clay (but better to take a fresh, and the old soak for 2-3 hours in the water).Again soak in a clay mash and secure the bandage.When tension recommended to put in the 2-3 lobe.